Campaign Cheat Sheet is essential!

It’s the beginning of a brand new year and we know you are all starting strong. That’s why we wanted to give you a great tool to be used during campaign creation. Putting your goals to work starts by creating a bunch of campaigns and this can be overwhelming! Here’s how you do it right…

Imagine this: You’ve created 20 push notification campaigns in one day, all in different GEOs and for different types of traffic. Next, you are opening your stats and starting the optimization process only to realize that your adult creatives in Italian, meant for Italian traffic are running in India!

When it comes to starting your campaigns, knowing what you’re doing can be quite useful; no doubt there. Having a strategy is necessary, but remembering all the things that go into creating your campaigns can be overwhelming. Keeping everything in your head can cause you to make mistakes. And those will cost you money and time.

If this scenario ever happened to you in some shape or form, you were left frustrated and angry. Not to mention you have to start all over again. So what can you do, in future reference, to avoid this kind of pain? Create a cheat sheet!

Creating a cheat sheet is a good way to start your campaigns even before you actually click on the Create Campaign button. It’s useful not only for newbie media buyers but also for more experienced ones and, especially, for those who have teams of people. Preparing your own cheat sheet is basically writing down all possible steps in the form of notes that you use for quick reference – being that you’re starting to run new offers on PlugRush or scaling running offers.

The point of having a cheat sheet is reassuring you are not questioning yourself after the campaigns have started. It’s a checking system that allows you to not overthink things, create and prioritize your to-do list more easily and reduce to zero possible mistakes when creating a campaign. As you progress and evolve in your PlugRush media buying journey, you are surely going to be adding more things to this list.

Here’s our initial list that you can use as a starting point for creating your own.



Push notification creatives

  • Create Copy note: title (max 30 characters) and description (max 255 characters)
  • Create folder with images for push notification ads note: min resolution 192x192px
  • Prepare URLs in a list for each creative group


  • Create a list of campaign names
  • Target audience
    • Adult
    • Mainstream
  • Target method
    • Desktop
    • Mobile
  • Type of traffic
  • Detailed targeting
    • GEO
    • Language
    • Orientation
    • OS
    • Browsers
    • Connection type
  • Frequency capping set:
    • 1/24
    • 2/24
    • 3/24
    • 4/24
    • 6/24
    • 8/24
  • Schedule
    • Run at all times
    • Partially running
  • Source lists to be applied
    • Whitelists
    • Blacklists
  • Budget amount
    • Evenly distributed
    • Spend fast
  • Bid setting


Initial Automated Rules to be applied to all new starting campaigns

Create universal Automated Rules for:

  • Unlimiting sources
  • Bidding
  • Excluding sources
  • Avg position change
  • Countries
  • Carriers
  • OS’s
  • Languages

Pro tips!

  • Start with major sections that go into creating a campaign and put in there everything that falls under that topic
  • When new features on the network appear, add that feature to your list
  • Use Excel to create your cheat sheet and open it up each time you’re starting a campaign
  • Check the boxes that are in line with the offer or group of offers that you are promoting
  • Having and using the cheat sheet comes in handy when you find a new offer; it will take you seconds to figure out if you could run it and scale it on PlugRush

Cheers to a great start of stress free campaign creating in 2019! We invite you to reflect on this and create your own. You can take this information and run with it and create cheat sheets, even for optimization processes. We find this tool really useful, especially if one day you need to hire people and create your team that works on PlugRush. Cheers to that happening this year 😉

Thank you for reading!