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Receive high quality traffic through deep targeting and automatic optimization from thousands of websites.

High Volumes

Access billions of impressions all over the world through our fast and easy-to-use advertising platform.

Deep Targeting

Utilize our advanced targeting options (browser, country, OS, carrier, re-targeting, ++) to reach your goals.

Conversion Tracking

Set up S2S conversion tracking via postback URL and monitor conversion rates and ROI in real-time, all in one place in your PlugRush campaign stats.

Auto Optimization

Save time by setting up automatic rules on a range of metrics to let our system optimize your campaigns for you.

Behavioral Targeting

With re-targeting you can increase your ROI by receiving high-value users back to your campaigns.


Our system automatically filters bots, scanners and other automated traffic on-the-fly to keep your campaigns safe.

Cost Control

Keep the costs under control by setting individual daily budgets and user capping on the campaign level.

Support Center

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated staff through our Support Center.