The API can be used to integrate your own platform or systems into PlugRush to add, modify or delete data in your account. Below is a list of available entry points for different purposes. The APIs are well documented, but should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through the Support Center.

PlugRush API v2.0

This is a general API to be able to connect to your PlugRush account for automation of tasks like starting or stopping campaigns, fetching statistics and much more. It is our latest version and is regularly being updated. The documentation is available inside your account here.

PlugRush API v1.0

This API is no longer being updated and it’s highly recommended that you switch to API v2.

Conversion Tracking

This is an API available to advertisers buying traffic from PlugRush. By utilizing it, you can send conversion data back to PlugRush in order to display accurate conversions in the campaign statistics of the PlugRush user interface. Using our simple postback URL makes it possible. This helps you in optimizing your campaigns, manually from the user interface or automatically by using Automated Rules, and increases your ROI. The documentation is available in your account here.

RTB (Real-time Bidding)

Publishers with a lot of traffic (i.e. other ad networks or SSPs) are able to connect programmatically with PlugRush to sell their traffic via Real-Time Bidding (RTB). We currently support buying traffic programmatically through XML, JSON and OpenRTB formats for desktop and mobile pops, as well as XML and JSON formats for push notification ads. Contact us to enable this feature and discuss integration procedures.