Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy describes how PlugRush (owned and operated by JMT Nordic AS) handles account and campaign funds/money on the PlugRush Platform.

Account Funds

Account funds that has not been spent can be refunded/withdrawn at any time, unless the account has been inactive/obsolete for 12 months or more. To request a refund from your account, simply make a withdrawal request using the same payment method you did when adding the funds to your account. All withdrawal requests are normally processed within 5 business days, however we reserve the right to spend longer time if there are things out of our control that can affect this.

Campaign Refunds

Account funds can be spent on campaigns in order to buy traffic. Funds are then moved from your account, to your campaign(s). You are not entitled to any refunds for money that has been spent on your campaigns. In order to make a refund of the remaining money on your campaign(s), simply pause the campaign(s) and the funds will be refunded from your campaigns back to your account within 15 minutes.