This document is a collection of phrases, terms or words that are commonly used throughout the PlugRush platform with a representative explanation. It is meant as a help for you to better understand how the platform and its features are working and used. These definitions are only available in English.


Refers to a PlugRush user account. A user account can access both the advertising and publishing features, thus being able to spend money to buy traffic or earn money by selling traffic.

Ad / Banner / Creative / Native Ad

A clickable advertisement that is displayed to the visitor and will lead to a landing page.


A user that is buying traffic by creating campaigns that are running on the PlugRush advertising network.


An adzone is generated by publishers and placed on their websites to generate income. It will display advertisements from the active advertiser campaigns in the system.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Our API is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for integrating with PlugRush. It allows you to add, create, delete, read or update various data in your account.


An instance of advertisement(s) running in the system. Based on various parameters, it will target specific online customers and show them advertising in one or more formats.

Campaign Scheduling

A targeting feature that allows an advertiser campaign to set a schedule for when to be active in the PlugRush ad network.


A carrier is an operator of a mobile telecommunications network, like Telenor (Norway) or Vodafone (EU).

CPC / CPV (Cost Per Click / Visitor)

The cost of a click or visitor delivered to the landing page of the campaign.

Frequency Cap

Refers to the number of times a visitor is shown a particular advertisement within a given time frame.


Each time an advertisement is viewed by a visitor, it is counted as an impression.

Payment Method

A third party system that is integrated with PlugRush with the purpose of transferring money to or from an account. An advertiser can load funds to PlugRush to pay for campaigns and a publisher can withdraw funds earned in PlugRush to a personal payment account.


A user that is selling traffic and generating income through the PlugRush ad network via its websites and chosen adzones.

RTB (Real Time Bidding)

An online real-time ad exchange/bidding integration between PlugRush and a publisher or advertiser. It allows one part to bid on the traffic of the other.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

A URL is a reference to a web resource, like an advertisers landing page or a publishers website.


Means the person (end-user) that is browsing the internet, being exposed to or clicking on ads in our network.