Facts & Figures About Push Notification Ads for Webmasters

Our new ad format push ads are a unique way for website owners to generate a substantial amount of extra income, and do so long term. In this article, we share some facts & figures we’ve collected so far about this amazingly efficient ad format that utilizes the power of push notifications.

In the advertising game, it’s always important to back things up with valuable metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This is also true for our latest ad format Push Notification Ads.

Not yet familiar with push ads? Not to worry, our guides have you covered with all the needed info to start.

If you’re a website owner looking to better monetize your sites, read more HERE.

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Push is a unique & non-intrusive ad format that takes nothing away from your other ads

For webmasters looking to monetize their mainstream and adult websites, push ads are a very interesting supplement to your already existing advertising strategy.


Push notifications are unique because users browsing through your website only get a small prompt to subscribe to them. It’ll look something like this:

It’s small, in the top left corner of the browser window on desktop browsers, and a pop over in mobile browsers that’s extremely easy to get out of by choosing to block push notifications.

That means the push ads won’t take away from your other advertisements on the page, for example banners and native ads. And you won’t annoy your visitors with them.

Long term value because we pay on a per click (PPC / CPC) basis

When a user chooses to become a push subscriber on one of your sites, we will begin sending them advertisements directly to the home screen of their mobile phone or PC.

Every time they tap or click a push ad we send them, you’ll get credit for this click. Other networks will only pay you once to get the subscriber, but at PlugRush you’ll get paid on a per click basis for all their ad clicks generated. That makes them a long term source of income for you.

We also will not bombard your push subscribers with ads. We don’t do this, because we want to make sure they stay subscribed. That way, both you and PlugRush can earn a lot of money from each subscriber over the long haul, we send them very few advertisements for sustainability of your subscriber base.

Our goal is to make push notification ads a source of passive income that you can easily continue to improve on by continuing to collect more and more subscribers with all your sites (this ad format is compatible with both mainstream and adult websites).

Average rates per click from our push ads for the top countries

We just launched push traffic about a week ago, so we don’t have a ton of data to base averages on yet, but the rates per click for this ad format so far are very promising. Here is a list of the top countries so far, and how much publishers are earning on average, when their push subscribers click on an ad.

  • United States: $0.0557 per click ($55.70 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Australia: $0.0409 per click ($40.09 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Canada: $0.0379 per click ($37.90 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Saudi Arabia: $0.0357 per click ($35.70 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Germany: $0.03074 per click ($30.74 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Kuwait: $0.0304 per click ($30.04 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Yemen: $0.0246 per click ($24.60 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Iran: $0.02346 per click ($23.46 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Switzerland: $0.0232 per click ($23.20 per 1,000 clicks)
  • United Kingdom: $0.02024 per click ($20.24 per 1,000 clicks)
  • Austria: $0.01952 per click ($19.52 per 1,000 clicks)

Other countries we recommend focusing on: Italy, Oman, Bahrain, Paraguay, Portugal, United Araba Emirates, Singapore, China, France, Afghanistan, South Africa, Spain, Iceland, Mexico, Netherlands, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Honduras, Cuba, Colombia, Japan

If you have traffic on your websites from any of the countries listed, you should definitely be using our push notifications on them.

Good per click rates only matter if the Click-Through Rate (CTR) is good, so let’s find out what it is for push ads!

When we launched push traffic, we must admit that we expected the CTR to be pretty good, but it’s actually been better than we assumed it would be. Because the people we’re sending to have opted in to receive push notifications, the ads don’t just show up for them on a website they’re browsing for actual content.

No, push ads let advertisers send their ad message directly to the user. It’s more personal, something delivered right to them… which makes them a lot more likely to tap or click the ad from what we’re seeing so far.

Average, good, and great CTR percentages

By now, we all know that data doesn’t lie, so let’s share some more of it.

The average CTR we’re seeing so far is 2.5% (so for every 40 push ads we send out, one gets tapped or clicked on) overall.

So what would be considered good based on the data so far? There are several campaigns we have in rotation from push advertisers that are hitting CTRs of 5% or better (so for every 20 push ads sent, one is tapped or clicked on).

5% is very solid, but what’s possible when our best media buyers in the network are running push ads? The answer is pretty awesome and it’s actually a tie between two genius advertisers. They’ve both managed to hit a consistent CTR of 7.7% (for every 13 push ads sent, one is tapped or clicked) on their campaigns.

Ready to start using push notifications on your sites?

The full process to do it is outlined in our Push Notifications Guide for Publishers, as mentioned at the top of this post. You literally just have to make sure your site is using HTTPS, implement our Main Ad Code and then click one toggle on the websites overview in your PlugRush account to start collecting subscribers.


Easy peasy, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be tapping into the potential of push traffic with your sites starting today. Thank you so much for reading! If you have questions, please check our guides for answers or contact our support team.