Your campaigns can be rejected with the following message saying: “Website has no traffic history, we only allow sites with a certain traffic level”.

When this happens your campaign has been rejected because we are unsure about it being a legit advertising campaign. This can be because the campaign doesn’t look like it would be able to make a profit based on the look and feel of the campaign you’re trying to create, and what you want to pay per click. Because of Todays high amount of malwaretizers trying to create fake campaigns that redirect to malware, we are very strict about letting in new advertisers who have no earlier record with us.

Creating campaigns is quite easy. We have a powerful, yet simple to use campaign creator that lets you create your campaign in only a few steps. When logged in, and on the advertiser overview, there is a create campaign button. If you need a more detailed explanation, you can read this quick campaign creation guide.

Before the campaign will be live on our network, it has to be reviewed by our Compliance Department. This is normally done within an hour.

You can edit a running campaign, but if you edit the URL, it will be paused and go back into pending status as we will have to review it again in order to protect our publishers. If you change the bid or other settings, the campaign will keep running, and will be updated with the new settings after a few minutes.

When creating campaigns, it is vital to us to protect our publishers. Our compliance team have put together a list of Guidelines that you have to follow. Please read our guidelines carefully and make sure your campaigns are compliant.

Campaigns that do not follow the standards in our guidelines will be rejected. If you have any questions, please create a Support Ticket or contact us via Live Support.

Campaigns are usually reviewed within 1 hour during business hours, Monday-Friday. But sometimes it may take a bit longer, depending on the amount of pending campaigns or on other things like holidays, etc.

When you load funds to your account you will be able to download an invoice to use for your accounting. Go to your transactions, find the specific transaction you are looking for and click the PDF icon at the right to download a PDF Invoice.

Please note that we will use the information you provide in your account profile to generate this invoice, so it is important to keep this info updated and correct.

We have clicked traffic and pop traffic for both desktop and mobile available. We provide both mainstream and adult traffic.

To understand more about the types of traffic, please read our page about ad formats.

Our price list displays the minimum, average and top CPC bids placed by advertisers, broken down by ad formats.

We recommend you use the average CPC bid as a guideline when starting your campaign. Utilize the amount of traffic your campaign is receiving and the win rate % it achieves to guide how you adjust your CPC bid.

We have many targeting options available to allow you to target the specific users you want. The list includes targeting geo/countries, language, mobile carriers, operating systems, browsers, IPs or IP-ranges, sexual orientation and specific days of week/hours of day.

We have several payment methods in PlugRush that you can use to load funds into your account. Each of them has a minimum required amount, which is currently $25 USD for Credit Cards, $10 for Paxum and Paypal, and $500 for Bank Wires. You can get more detailed information about deposits here.

Of course! We offer a world-wide carrier targeting system. If you want to target specific mobile carriers you can easily do this when creating or editing a campaign. Simply choose the carrier(s) you wish to receive traffic from under “Targeting and Cost” when creating a new campaign. If for some reason the carrier you want to target isn’t listed, please create a support ticket or contact our live support.

When you buy traffic from PlugRush, there are a few parameters you can put in the URL that will be replaced by actual data by us before the visitor is sent to your campaign. Below is a list of available parameters you can use when buying traffic.

  • {$source_id} – a unique ID of the Subsource your visitor came from; more info
  • {$browser} – the web browser of the visitor
  • {$campaign_id} – the unique ID of your campaign
  • {$cc} – two letter country code of the visitor
  • {$click_id} – click_id used for conversion tracking; more info
  • {$cpv} – the cost per visitor
  • {$domain_id} – a unique ID of the domain registered by the publisher
  • {$orientation} – the orientation of the source/website
  • {$os} – the operating system of the visitor
  • {$creative_id} – the id of the creative (i.e. push ad, native ad or banner) used

Example URL:


When you pause or delete a campaign, the system will automatically refund its remaining balance after approximately 20 minutes of inactivity. The only exception to this rule is push traffic, where it takes 24 hours.

More info about push ad campaign refunds: Due to the potentially long delay between a push ad being served to an end user and them clicking or tapping on it (when they check their phone or desktop computer’s message center) push notification ad campaigns have a 24 hour delay after they’re paused or deleted, before they will auto-refund their remaining balance.

Learn more about buying push traffic here.

We have an advanced blacklist and whitelist system that you can use to filter out or in websites on your campaign(s). The lists can also include IPs or IP-ranges. So you can mix this any way you want. The lists are separate from campaigns, but you can apply each list to as many campaigns as you want.

As an example, if you create blacklist1whitelist1 and whitelistIPs1, and you create campaigns1 – 3, you can apply whitelistIPs1 to all campaigns (1-3), but only apply blacklist1 to campaign1 and whitelist1 to campaign2.

This essentially enables you to manage your list(s) once, but changes will apply to all the campaigns you’ve applied them to.

Creating and managing whitelists and blacklistst can be done under filter traffic in the advertiser menu.

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee 100% accuracy with mobile carrier targeting. While we do our absolute best to match up with the most popular affiliate programs and competing ad networks to make our carrier targeting feature as exact as possible, we cannot assure absolute accuracy.

Mobile operator targeting depends on an ever-changing, complex system that is continuously updating. F.ex. while we may identify a user as coming from one ISP or carrier with the help of our carrier database aggregation, this may not be how that visitor is identified by every other affiliate program and ad network, depending on the carrier database(s) they utilize. On occasion, this may lead to mismatches.

Alternatively to our built-in mobile carrier targeting inside the campaign editor, you may choose to create an IP range whitelist under buy traffic –> >filter traffic in order to target carriers with specific IP ranges that you designate. This will potentially allow for 100% accuracy.

In order to load funds using PayPal, you must upload a Government issued photo ID. The document should be a high quality photo of your drivers licence or your passport. The photo should not be cropped and all edges of the document should be visible. Scanned copy will not be approved.

This is something that has to be done to protect both PlugRush and yourself. You may of course remove your personal number or passport number before you upload the document.

Once we have reviewed and approved the document you will be able to load funds using your verified PayPal account.

Yes! We have many options for our advertisers to target and segment their traffic and this includes campaign scheduling.

When creating a campaign, simply click on Campaign Schedule under the traffic options to setup a custom schedule. You can specify which hour(s) of which day(s) you want the campaign to be active in the system.

It will help if you provide us with some info on what you will be promoting, and how you see it being profitable for you. Perhaps showing us some stats for previous campaigns you have ran at other networks, and how they worked, or something else that helps convince us that your advertising campaign is what it looks like. Please feel free to contact our live support.


When you request to be paid via bank wire, you will see the funds arrive in your bank account from JMT Nordic AS. This is the company which owns PlugRush.

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ’s section, you can contact us via live support or by creating a support ticket. Our account managers and tech team are always here for you, ready to answer your questions.

Yes. We have a dedicated staff ready to help our advertisers and publishers. We are always online during business hours in our respective locations and when we’re not available you can always get help here in our FAQ or send us a support ticket.

Please visit our live support page in order to chat with us on Skype.

An end-of-year balance sheet for your account is available in PDF format on the funds page of your PlugRush account. Click the small icon to the right of your available balance amount. This will reveal a list of your available end-of-year balance sheets. Click on the year you’d like a balance sheet for to download it in PDF format.

In order to load or withdraw funds using PayPal, you must have a verified PayPal account. This is to protect both PlugRush and yourself. To verify your PayPal account, you need to follow certain steps put forth by PayPal, which are depending on the country you live in.

Please visit the Paypal how to get varified page on PayPal to learn more.

PlugRush is owned and managed by JMT Nordic AS, a Norwegian privately owned company.

Our statistics are pretty much instant, with a few minutes delay here and there. So once you start purchasing (as an advertiser) or sending (as a publisher) traffic, detailed data about your traffic should be available quickly.

To create an account you need to provide us your full name and address. If you plan on using PayPal for payment or withdrawals, you will need to provide a government issued ID that is currently valid. If you are planning on withdrawing your funds via bank wire, you will need to provide us all of the proper information about your bank details in order for us to properly send you a wire.

JMT Nordic AS is the owner of PlugRush, and the VAT ID is 912 663 183.

Yes, we do! PlugRush is the ONLY company to pay a referral fee for referring an advertiser or a publisher (webmaster)! You will earn a 5% lifetime revshare of our revenue for each advertiser’s spendings or publisher’s earnings that came from your recommendation. This income will be paid to you monthly as a separate payout and it will be listed under your transactions along with all other payments connected to your account. For detailed information about our affiliate program, please consult our extensive guide.

When loading funds through PayPal, you must provide a photo of a government issued ID such as a drivers license or passport. If your document is rejected it is because there is an issue with the photo itself.

Reasons your document has been rejected could include:

  • Scanned document (we accept photos only)
  • Black & White (grayscale) photo
  • Blurry or low resolution
  • Cropped image or photo touching the edges

More info is available HERE

If your photo ID document has been rejected, please contact us by creating a support ticket or chat with our live support.

You may withdraw your funds via PayPal, Paxum and Bank Wire. Please note that withdrawing from PayPal or Paxum we do not charge you a fee, but a fee is charged by them. Please see our page payment methods to learn more.

To withdraw funds, please log into your account and go to the funds page by clicking your name in the top-right corner. On this page you have the option to make a withdrawal and choose the payment method of your choice.

Please allow up to five business days for our Finacial Deparment to process your transaction (it’s usually much faster).

In order to request a withdrawal you must have a minimum of $25.00 in your account. If you want to withdrawal via bank wire, you need to have a minimum of $1,000.00 in your account.

Our servers are located in New York, USA. Our server timezone is UTC-5 (Eastern Standard Time) -5 hours. When daylight saving time is enabled, it is UTC -4 hours.

If you did not receive a verification email from us, please check the spam folder in your email provider. If you still can’t find the email, please contact us by creating a support ticket or contact our live support and we will assist to get this issue resolved.

This could be caused by several different things. First of all, make sure you are typing in the correct login email and password, without any spaces, without CAPS LOCK and with the correct keyboard lanugage.

If this doesn’t help, you can try our forgot password tool to generate a new password.

Are you still unable to login or are you having trouble receiving the two-step verification code(s), please create a support ticket or contact our staff via live support and we will help you.

First of all, we would be sad to see you leave. We would be happy for any feedback as to why, so we can improve our service in order to re-gain you as a user again in the near future.

To discuss what we can do to get you to stay with us, please either submit a support ticket or contact live support and we will be happy to speak to you.

If you are 100% certain you’d like to close your account, you can of course do this here under ‘Account options’.

In order to find your API token, log into your account and click on ‘Account’ in the top right corner, then choose “API”. Here you will be able to generate an API token and a link to our API documentation is also available.

In order to request a withdrawal you must have a minimum of $25.00 in your account. If you want to withdrawal via bank wire, you need to have a minimum of $1,000.00 in your account.

Absolutely! You can find more information about the available APIs in our api documentation.

We have traffic available in several ad formats including push ads, native ads, banners and pops.


If you have sold your website to a new owner and they are unable to add it to their account, you must first delete the website from your account and then they should be able to add it to theirs. If for some reason this isn’t possible, please contact our live support and we will help you resolve this issue.

Payouts are added to your PlugRush account weekly, on Mondays, one week after the week the earnings were generated. Once the funds are available in your account, you can choose to spend it on advertising campaigns or make a withdrawal request. You can withdraw the funds directly to your personal (or business) account using Bank Wire, FirstChoicePay, Paxum or PayPal.

As long as you are the owner of the website and can verify the website by placing a code onto it, you may add as many websites as you wish.

Payouts are added to your PlugRush account weekly, on Mondays, one week after the week the earnings were generated. Once the funds are available in your account, you can choose to spend them on advertising campaigns or make a withdrawal request.

You can withdraw the funds from your account using bank wire transfer, Paxum or PayPal.

After registering your site, you will be given the main ad code which we require that your implement on your site in order to verify it. There are two ways to do this, with two different methods. The first and recommended implementation is php based, and require that your download the php file given, and upload this to the root of your website. Then you need to place a script tag also given in the head tag of your website. The second implementation method is a javascript based, which you implement by grabing the script tag given and placing this in the head tag of your website. Once you have implemented one of these options, you can go to the website overview, and click the reload icon (next to the action required message) and our servers will communicate with your server and validate the website.

In addition to verifying the site, the main ad code also controls several other ad formats like pops and Real native ads, which you can easily control by switching them on and off from the website overview.

If you have any problems doing this please contact our live support.

Your earnings are calculated by several factors including what type of traffic you are sending, if it is desktop or mobile, what platform the visitor has or if it’s a wifi or carrier connection, including many other parameters. All these variables along with the advertisers bids and budgets, the demand, how well your traffic performs on their offers, all play a part into how much you will earn. Based off this information, it is impossible to predict what the earnings will be. But remember that creating a quality website, with quality content and good traffic will be the best thing you can do for long term stable income.

The traffic that you send to us is paid out on a CPC (cost per click) basis. We do not pay CPM (impressions) on banners or other display ads. However, some traffic that is sent to us directly, like mobile or desktop pops, could be classified as being paid CPM because often one would speak of the income per 1000 (CPM).

If you use a direct URL for pops, you may use this on different websites. However, when using banners or native ads, you cannot use this code on different websites. Each code for these adzones is unique to the website it is attached to.

It is impossible to tell how much revenue you will earn from your websites and ad zones. There are just too many parameters that plays a part, like the quality of your visitors, the amount of traffic you have, the geo-location of the visitors, the devices they use, etc. Generally speaking though, you will earn more on mobile than desktop traffic and you will earn more from western countries.

After you register an account and add your website, you can create ad zones in several formats. The ad codes should be added to your website through your CMS or directly to your HTML, depending on how you update your website. If you need help getting your ads setup on your website, please feel free to contact our live support.

Yes, you can add a tracker if you are sending us mobile or popunder traffic directly. Append “/t:your_tracker_here” to your mobile or popunder direct URL. Mobile URL example: http://mobile.plugrush.com/plugrush.com/2r6v/direct/t:your_tracker_here Popunder URL example: http://widget.plugrush.com/p/2r6u/direct/t:your_tracker_here

This could be the result of a few different reasons. Maybe the website was once owned by another PlugRush user, or it was deleted or banned from our system. In order to move this domain to your PlugRush account, please contact our Plugrush Live Support because this is something we have to do on our end.

If you use a CMS such as smarty, this can happen. In order to fix this issue, try to surround the Main Ad Code script tag with {literal} and {/literal} tags. If this doesn’t work, please create a support ticket or contact our live support.

We offer the following payment options: Paypal, Paxum and Bank Wire. To read more about this, please see our page PlugRush Payment Methods.

Please Note: When doing a withdrawal it can take up to five business days for us to process it due to the high volume of payments we handle.

After you register an account and add your website, you can create ad zones in several formats. The ad codes should be added to your website through your CMS or directly to your HTML, depending on how you update your website.

If we cannot find any advertisers to sell your traffic to, we need a place to send the traffic. This is what the “return URL” or “alternative URL” is used for. You specify where you would like for us to send the traffic to that we cannot otherwise sell.