3 Surprising Ways to Save Time & Money as an Advertiser

Our highly evolved stats system for advertisers won’t just save you time, but also money. It’s free to use and superior to third party systems. Track things like ROI, profit, conversions, etc. with us and stop spending hard-earned cash on third party tracking systems that just waste your time and money.

A large part of our strategizing time spent at the PlugRush offices is devoted to coming up with new ways to save our users time. And, as everyone knows, time is money!

Time being money is especially true, when we’re talking about advertiser statistics and their analysis to make sure you’re getting the most out of the traffic you’re buying. Be it mobile or desktop traffic, mainstream or adult traffic, banners & native ads or pops… the concept remains the same: You should do your best to reduce overhead costs and also manage your time wisely.

In this article today, we’ll outline three surprising ways you may not have considered to save both time & money by using PlugRush’s wonderful stats system to its full potential as an advertiser or media buyer. Let’s get right to it with a countdown!

#3: You no longer need a costly third party tracking system, PlugRush has one built in (and it’s free)

Some popular tracking solutions may charge you more than $500 per month just to keep statistics about the traffic you’re purchasing. And that’s often just the pricing option they have available for media buyers starting out. As you grow and buy more traffic, you might have to spend $1k+/month just to track some metrics about the traffic you’re paying money for as well.

At PlugRush, you can use our built in stats system for free. It gives you all the valuable information needed to make good decisions about which Sources to continue buying from and which to exclude. If you set up conversion tracking, you can see in every stats table we have available (f.ex. Sources, browsers, OS, etc.) what’s converting and what isn’t.

So, before you pull the trigger on spending hundreds of dollars on a tracking system, consider just using PlugRush’s built in system to its full potential instead.

#2: With all the needed data in one place, you can optimize campaigns much faster

Because you’re smart and cutting out the middle man by sending conversion data straight to PlugRush (instead of through a tracking platform first), you have all the data you need to make great business decisions for your traffic buys in one place.

You can blacklist poorly performing Sources and unlimit ones performing really well, and similarly you can change your other targeting options in the campaign editor. It’s the best way to optimize campaigns, because you then don’t have to waste time checking stats in different platforms. You can do it all in one place.

For example, if you look at the stats below it’s very clear which Sources you need to be unlimiting. With conversion tracking in place, you only need to sort your Sources by conversions and you’ll already know which ones you should be unlimiting (and which ones you should be blacklisting). And you’ll also be able to easily see which browsers, OS, etc. are performing well for you in the other tabs.


#1: You can let Automated Rules optimize your campaigns automatically (for free)

With PlugRush Automated Rules, you can take things a step further and have our system automatically optimize your campaigns with Rules you set for them for all sorts of breakdowns.


It’s a mind-blowing game changer to have this sort of technology available to you free of charge now. Just one more way we can help you save hundreds (or spend more on traffic).

Most external auto-optimization tools you may have come across will likely charge in excess of $200/month for such a service. Did I mention we let you do it for free? In fact, we’ll even give you a bonus to make some Rules for your campaigns.


Thanks for reading!

Now you know how to bring down operating costs and save time, all by making use of our awesome stats system and Rules. If you have more questions, you can likely find answers in our guides. If you need further assistance beyond that, please hit up our legendary support team.

We’re very proud to say that our average response time to support tickets is under 3 hours.