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If you have any questions about PlugRush, it is most likely answered in our Frequently Asked Questions and it’s normally the fastest way to get help!

Ad Formats

Explore our ad-formats here and learn more about how you can use them to monetize your website or extend your reach and drive traffic to your advertising campaigns.


It’s important to read our Guidelines carefully to make sure you are compliant with PlugRush, either as an Advertiser, Publisher or both.


In our Definitions you’ll find a collection of terms, words and phrases that are used throughout the PlugRush website(s) and Admin Panel, and what it means.


Read about our APIs and how to integrate programmatically with PlugRush. This can help you automate a lot of tasks in your PlugRush account and save time.

Support Ticket

If you’re unable to find the information you’re looking for elsewhere in our Support Center, you can always send us a Support Ticket and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

Live Support

Our dedicated staff is available during business hours and are ready to answer your requests. It’s important that you read our FAQ, Guidelines and other information here prior to contacting us as we sometimes have high demands on our Live Support.