Do You Use Language Targeting Correctly? + Promo Info

Language targeting is a very powerful tool for any media buyer or advertiser, but are you using it correctly in your ad campaigns? There could be a crucial mistake you’re making when using it.

You’re a purchaser of traffic. A media buyer or advertiser looking to target the most specific audience possible with your ad campaigns. If this describes you, then language targeting is for you, and PlugRush has it.

Language targeting helps you pinpoint the right audience as an advertiser. It works by identifying which browser language the user has chosen and is only one of the many targeting options we have available. Others include country, browser, OS, and carrier targeting.

You can find language targeting, with 103 browser languages possible to target, listed in the ‘Targeting’ section of the PlugRush campaign creator.

When should you use language targeting? And how?

A great example of a specific use case would be if you have an offer that’s in German and you’d naturally want to target only German-speaking visitors as a result. Previously, you likely would’ve chosen to target Germany, Austria and maybe Switzerland to accomplish this. And that’s still a good primary gameplan, because even people who may be using English as their browser language are likely to still be German-speaking in those countries.

But language targeting opens up a new market for you to monetize. In the above example of wanting to target German speaking people, we would recommend making one campaign where you target all browser languages in German-speaking countries (because they likely speak German even if they’ve chosen a different browser language) AND in a separate campaign you would additionally target all other countries but only German under language targeting.


In countries where German isn’t the primary language, if someone has chosen German as their browser language it’s likely because they speak German… so it makes sense to target them separately to improve your overall advertising reach.

Now that you know all about language targeting, we can move on to the fun part. It’s promo time!

Automated Rules promo info

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Thanks for your attention!

Now you know how to use language targeting and its proper application in your advertising campaigns. If you have other questions, you can probably find the answers to them in our official guides. If not, hit up our support team. They’ve been answering tickets in less than 3 hours on average the past few months. (Killing it in the support game!)