What our advertisers love about Automated Rules

We’ve received some very valuable feedback about our automatic ad campaign optimization tool Automated Rules, but we’d especially love to have your feedback about it!

Last month, we launched PlugRush’s new Automated Rules feature, which affords our advertisers the unique ability to optimize their advertising campaigns in an automatic way. The days of hours spent on manual campaign optimization are over, it’s time to automate!

We already got some feedback, but we’d especially love to have yours!

Since we introduced Rules, quite a few advertisers have taken us up on the offer to use our free automation tool that simplifies and speeds up the process of daily ad campaign optmization. Overall, the response from them has been amazing and we’d love to share some of this feedback we’ve gotten.

Much more than sharing the feedback we have already gotten, we’d love to know what YOU think about our new Rules system. Are you already using Automated Rules? Maybe you have some suggestions for us on how we can improve upon them.

We’re all ears and in the PlugRush user interface you can drop us some feedback quickly at any time with our (also new) Feedback button!


Here are a couple testimonials we’re proud to have received so far:

“More than 100 active campaigns are now receiving more quality clicks with better conversion rate and less spending! After using the Automated Rules the results are: Clicks up by 17.25% More quality clicks! Conversions up by 127.73% They’ve doubled! Spending down by 4.53% On point! You made making more money easy! Thanks, PlugRush, for letting me RULE.”


“Working as a professional media buyer takes a lot of time and effort to get positive ROI. I was trying different solutions at different ad networks, including PlugRush, who have automated optimization. I can say that PlugRush’s solution is very intuitive in use, it’s really simple and works for the campaign optimization like a charm. Using the Rules feature at PlugRush, I’m finally able to make more money in less time.”

Why do we want you to use Automated Rules? We’ll tell you why…

You might be asking yourself, “Why do these people at PlugRush want me to use Rules so badly? What’s in it for them?” It’s a valid question. We are running a business too afterall, so it’s not a selfless endeavor to provide our Rules technology to you for free.

The reason we benefit from you using Rules is very simple: Making you a happy advertiser or media buyer with some extra time on your hands is unlikely to make you sleep all day. In our experience, most advertisers will use most of the additional time they have to promote something else or scale current projects.

New ad campaigns you’ll create with PlugRush in your extra time will also get to profitability a lot faster due to automatic optimization. So once things get rolling, the sky’s the limit. And the more traffic you’re able to buy while making a profit, the better it is for us and our publishers supplying the traffic you’re buying more of!

Which brings me to my next point… Stop letting the competition take advantage of a sweet tool like Rules, when you could be using it as well. Seriously, why shouldn’t it be you making more money with a bit of extra time to relax on the side? You definitely deserve it with all the hard work you’ve been putting in manually optimizing campaigns all this time. Let our Rules do some of that work for you.

Make Rules, get a 15% bonus!

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We want you to be part of a happy group of advertisers that are taking advantage of automation. Saving time and doing less work to get significantly better results means using Rules is a no-brainer and no one should be missing out on their benefits.

You can read all about what PlugRush Automated Rules can be used for in our helpful guide about them. And always remember: You make the Rules. PlugRush delivers results!