The 5 Reasons Why Banners Destroy Other Ads + BONUS

The best performing ad-format for many media buyers and advertisers isn’t even as innovative as you might think. Banner traffic is still alive and doing very well for many.

Maybe you think pop traffic is king, because you’ve always used it. You know how to optimize it from the start and you know how to scale your campaigns for pop traffic. Plus, the amount of volume you can purchase for a small price is ridiculously high when we’re talking about pops.

But what if I told you that there is a much better ad format to generate conversions and it has been there all along for you to take advantage of? What if I told you it’s not even a very innovative ad format, but instead… it’s… banners.

Banners? Why should I buy banner traffic?!

It’s a valid question. Why should you buy banner traffic? Many argue that it’s too expensive to buy banner clicks. But when you realize the true value of a click on a banner advertisement, you will quickly change the way you think about this ad format. And you will even more quickly realize that it may be the best choice for your campaigns. Hell, you might even come to find that it’s overall a better investment than pops in many cases.

The following five simple reasons should suffice to convince you to at least give banner campaigns a shot. And then the 6th BONUS reason I will give you in the next section of this article will make running some banner campaigns a no-brainer.

Let’s get started with the top 5 reasons why banner traffic is the real king and destroys all other ad formats:

  1. When you buy banner traffic from PlugRush, you buy it on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. That means you only pay for a visitor when they actually click your banner. You don’t pay for mere ad impressions, only clicks.
  2. The potential customer knows what they’re getting themselves into, when they click a banner to specifically find out more about what is being advertised. This increases the likelihood of a conversion exponentially.
  3. You can still optimize a banner campaign just like a pop campaign. The best way to do it is by using our Sources system.
  4. It’s a very versatile ad format. We offer a variety of sizes to use and you can even utilize animated GIFs for banner campaigns.
  5. Banner campaigns provide you with more metrics to play around with during the split-testing phase of a campaign (before you scale it up), f.ex. CTR of individual creatives to let you know which one is getting the most clicks from visitors.


If you’re not convinced yet that you should be making banner traffic campaigns, you’re likely a person that is quite difficult to persuade. So I’m gonna make this extra easy for you.


The next time you deposit funds, use the voucher code SUMMERPLUG to receive an additional 15% on your load transaction. Example: Load $1,000 and get an additional $150 on top! You can only use this code once and you have to use it before August 31st, 2018… So make it count!

Ready to make banner campaigns?

Now that you’re getting an extra 15% on your next deposit, it’s clear you need to use that to test out some banner traffic. Creating a banner campaign is a two step process.

  1. Upload banners here. Read this guide on how to mass-upload banners for maximum efficiency. Pro Tip: Cover as many banner sizes as possible with the banners you upload for your campaigns. This can help you maximize exposure. Our accepted banner formats: 160×600, 300×600, 300×250, 728×90, 250×250, 200×200, 336×280, 120×600, 970×90, 468×60, 320×50, 320×100, 300×100 (This info is also available on the banner upload page.)
  2. Create a campaign here. Make sure you select ‘Desktop Banners’ or ‘Mobile Banners’ as your delivery method. Then an extra area will appear in the campaign editor, which allows you to assign banners to your campaign. The GIF below illustrates this.

Thanks for reading!

If you have more questions, please check our guides for answers or contact our helpful support team.