WARNING! Skype Scammers Acting as PlugRush Support

This is just a warning for our valued users, both publishers and advertisers, that some Skype scammers are using Skype handles similar to ours.

Unfortunately we have some urgent news to share with all PlugRush users. We hope you have already seen the warning in the user interface about this, but wanted to make sure we utilize all channels of contact possible to make you aware of scammers on Skype using very similar Skype names to those of our real support team.


Attempting to scam our users via Skype

The goal of these scammers appears to be that they tell users, who have added them on Skype in error, that we are having trouble accepting payments through the user interface, and they should pay them directly.

DO NOT send them any money. All PlugRush load transactions should be made through the transactions page of your PlugRush account ONLY.

How to avoid these Skype scammers

When you search for our support team’s Skype handles, two results will generally appear now. One is fake and one is real. The real Skype handle will, for example, be plugrushrussell and then the scammer’s Skype handle will be live:plugrushrussell

Our real Skype handles are listed here. And the best way to contact us via Skype is to use the Skype links we’ve placed on our Live Support contact page. This way you do not risk adding the wrong Skype contact.


No real PlugRush support team member will ever tell you to pay us directly. All transactions made to PlugRush must be created through the funds page in your PlugRush account. For reference, we accept the following payment options exclusively:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Paxum
  • Bank Wire Transfer

We have reached out to Skype

Our goal is to have these scammers removed from Skype, so we have taken steps to contact Skype’s support team in order to get this done. The process to remove them has started already and we hope it will be completed quickly.

Thank you for reading this very important message

We wanted to make sure you’re informed about this urgent matter with regards to Skype scammers. We hope this helps you to avoid them.