PUSH into 2019 with these money-making tips for Push Ads!

Happy 2019! Push notifications will be the difference maker for online advertising this year. Here are three great tips to get started with them and take advantage of this skyrocketing ad format at PlugRush!

Push Ads will dominate 2019!

First off, Happy New Year to all of you. Welcome to 2019, which will be the year of PUSH. We expect this new ad format to overtake others this year, because it caters uniquely to advertisers and media buyers that want to reach their target audience on a direct and personal level. This can only be achieved with Push Notification Ads.

The above mentioned unique ability to directly reach people with ads on their phones and computers, without them having to browse a certain website at the time, is unmatched by any other ad format. This results in the price for this traffic being higher than even for banners, so it also presents itself as a great opportunity for webmasters to make more money with their sites… from visitors that could even have stopped browsing their site altogether.


Do you own a website or host landing pages yourself? Put Push Ads on them!

Your websites or landing pages can be adult or mainstream, it doesn’t matter. You can take advantage of the fact that we pay on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis for push traffic.

Most other networks will just pay you for the subscriber and then you’ll never make money from them again. At PlugRush, all subscribers you collect can make you money long-term, because we pay you for every ad click they generate.

Tip 1: Use voucher code CHEERSTO2019 when you deposit funds, get a 10% bonus on top, and use this extra money to test out Push Ads! (Advertisers)

We’re so confident you’re gonna love the results from our Push Notification Ads as a media buyer that we’re gonna give you an extra 10% on your next deposit to try them out. The voucher code is valid until January 31st, 2019, and can be used only once per advertiser. So make it count with a big deposit!

Tip 2: Activate Push Notification Ads on your sites and landing pages in January and get 10% extra on top of your earnings for the month! (Publishers)

Not only do we pay per click on push traffic, but we’re also gonna bump your payout by 10% in January just to put push notifications on your site. Don’t leave money on the table. Start 2019 off right with Push Ads from PlugRush on every website you own. It can be mainstream or adult.

Tip 3: Push Notifications are personal, so use them accordingly. (Advertisers)

An advertisement sent via a push notification directly to the home screen of a person’s phone or desktop of their personal computer is highly efficient at creating the right mood and setting needed to have a personal connection with the end user.

Display ads like banners and native ads are wonderful to monetize visitors when they’re browsing a web site or app, but Push Ads are simply superior because they’re delivered directly to the person without them having to browse through a site to come across the ad.

It’s an advertisement delivered right to them from a site they’ve opted in to receive push notification messages from. This is why the ad format is great to monetize dating offers, webcam offers, and any others where a personal connection with the end user is important. From push ads you will get visitors that are ready to engage with your landing page, when they click or tap on your advertisement.

Thanks for reading and all the best for 2019!