New Year’s Resolutions: With This List from PlugRush You Can’t Fail

Now that the New Year Hangover has passed, it’s time to get back to business. We’ve compiled a great list of New Year’s Resolutions that will make it impossible for you to have a bad 2019!

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We’re back at the office!

A couple days into 2019 now, we’ve managed to cure our New Year’s hangover and clear our heads, so that we were able to have a little sit-down at the office for epic brainstorming. Minds were blown by the ideas we tossed back and forth.


But not to worry, we came up with the best New Year’s Resolutions to make failing in 2019 an impossibility for you. (If you follow our advice that is.) Use these tips throughout 2019 and you’ll have a lot more money in 2020.

Resolution/Tip 1: Use Push Ads

Push Notification Ads will be the driving force behind making money online in 2019. It’s the most beneficial ad-format there is for literally everyone involved in the process. It can be used for mainstream and adult traffic.

Media buyers can target end users very directly and personally because these ads get sent to the home screens of people’s phones and computers. Sounds interesting to you? Disover more HERE.

Website owners can put push notifications on their sites (mainstream & adult) and get paid for all the clicks generated by their push subscribers. PlugRush is fair, so we don’t just pay you a small amount for each subscriber like some other networks… we actually give you money whenever an ad is clicked by a subscriber you collected. Forever. (Say hello to passive income.) Publishers can learn more HERE.


Push notifications are just a very small prompt on your websites to get people subscribed. They won’t get in the way of any other content or ads you have on your sites.


Here is an example:

Hint for webmasters: Our advertisers routinely pay more than $0.02 per click on push ads in Tier 1 countries. If you have this sort of traffic, you’re a fool if you aren’t using us for your push traffic. You could be getting paid a lot for the ad clicks generated by your push subscribers. Why aren’t you?

Special PRO TIP of the Gods for media buyers that host their own landing pages

If you own domains that you use for hosting your landing pages as a media buyer, you should register them as websites at PlugRush and put our push notifications on them. Find out how to do it HERE.

It’s just a tiny prompt that won’t interfere with the rest of your landing page, but you can make a lot of extra money with it over time. Each push subscriber you collect for us will receive a very limited amount of push ads to make sure they stay subscribed over time and continuously generate progressively more income for you with their ad clicks.

Resolution/Tip 2: Tell everyone and their mother about PlugRush

Maybe you didn’t know this, but we have a referral program that you need to be taking advantage of. We’re the only network that pays you for earnings generated by webmasters you refer to us AND spendings generated by media buyers you refer to us.

That means you can basically refer anyone that has a site or buys traffic to PlugRush and have passive income with your 5% lifetime revshare of our revenue generated by users you’ve referred.

You can learn more about our referral program here or just grab your link to refer people immediately HERE.

Resolution/Tip 3: Don’t do tedious ad campaign optimization manually

If you still spend time manually blacklisting and unlimiting Subsources on your campaigns at PlugRush, while running conversion-based offers, we can’t think of a reason why.

If you can use postback URLs to pass conversion info back to us, it’s a no-brainer that you need to be using Automated Rules.

They’ll do all the basic optimization work for you and they’re extremely easy to set up. Have some free time in 2019. You’re welcome!

Thanks for reading!

2019 has just started, so we don’t want to bombard you with every great trick we have up our sleeves just yet. Start making use of the three we’ve listed here and your year is going to be off to a great start already. We’ll share more through our blogguides, and newsletters.

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