Q&A Series: Push Notifcation Ads

Last week, we launched Push Notification Ads for advertisers and publishers have been able to collect subscribers for a bit. Here are the most popular questions we’ve gotten about them with answers to them.

We launched push ads and our advertisers are LOVING this ad-format!

Last week, we opened up Push Notification Ads for advertisers and the response from the media buyers in our traffic network buying visitors through this ad format has been simply amazing.

So amazing, in fact, that we’re not yet able to keep up with all the demand for this traffic type. Webmasters, we urgently need your help!

Put push ads on your sites (mainstream & adult); collect subscribers and get paid every time they click an ad! Do it and we’ll give you a 10% bonus for January’s earnings. Get details HERE.

Our publishers had a chance to begin collecting push subscribers on their websites a bit before we started to let advertisers buy push traffic.


We cannot thank them enough for this, because push traffic at PlugRush is selling like hot cakes. If you own any websites, be they mainstream or adult in nature, make sure you get them registered and enable push notifications on them as soon as possible.

Discover how to get started with push notifications as a publisher in our Push Notification Ads Guide for Publishers.

Q&A: The most common questions about Push Notification Ads at PlugRush

Q: What do you recommend I promote with push ads? (Advertisers)

A: We strongly recommend promoting dating and webcam (for adult) sites & apps with push ads.

There is no advertisement more personal than one sent to the end user directly via a push notification from a website they’ve actively opted in to receive push notifications from.

They’re ready to engage & convert, so providing them something that gives them the feeling of having a personal connection with someone (for example with a girl displayed in the push ad they receive) is pure gold.

Of course, just about anything can be promoted successfully using this great ad format, so you should split test a variety of offers.

Q: How much can I earn per subscriber from my sites? (Publishers)

A: It’s potentially a very large amount, because we don’t just pay you for the subscriber like some other networks might.

We actually pay you for all the ad clicks your push subscribers generate over time, which makes our push ads system uniquely beneficial for webmasters that are looking to have an extra source of long-term, passive income from a very non-intrusive, opt-in ad format.

Because it’s such a great ad format for media buyers to generate conversions with on their offers, they’re willing to pay a lot for push traffic. All webmasters should be using PlugRush’s push notifications to take advantage of this fact.

Q: What are the top countries PlugRush has push subscribers in right now? (Advertisers)

A: This is very much subject to change, as numbers are very volatile on this currently and we do not yet have reliable averages, because more subscribers are coming in daily at a rapid rate.

With that being said, currently the top GEOs by number of push subscribers available in the network are: India, Brazil, Pakistan, United States, Mexico, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Singapore, Egypt, and Dominican Republic.

Q: How do I know how many push subscribers I’ve collected with my sites? (Publishers)

A: You can see that at any time here. Watch it grow daily!

Q: How do I check up on my earnings from push ads? (Publishers)

A: Navigate to SELL TRAFFIC, Statistics (BETA), select the date range you want to have stats for at the top right, and then go to the ‘Adzones’ tab.

Your push adzones are labeled as ‘Notification’ in the stats for each website. Under the ‘Rev’ column you can see your revenue for each one during the selected date range.

Don’t panic if it isn’t a huge amount yet, because your push subscribers can make you more and more money over time. They’re not like regular visitors to your website, who just leave at some point.

These subscribers will get push ads delivered directly to them long-term, and you’ll earn money whenever they click an ad we send them from our advertisers.

Got more questions?

Of course you do. If they’re not answered in our push ads guides for advertisers and publishers, or in this blog post, then you should hit up our stellar support team. Lucky for you, they’ve been responding to support tickets in less than 3 hours on average the last couple months.