? Mind Your Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Display Ads

Whether you’re running campaigns for banners, native ads or push notification ads, it’s extremely important to monitor your Click-Through Rate (CTR) of your creatives very closely.

Whether you’re buying high quality clicked traffic through native ads, push notification ads, or banners, it’s important that you know the Click-Through Rates (CTR) of the creatives added to your ad campaigns matter.

We don’t want to hit you with a bunch of cluttered information in this blog post, so let’s keep it simple and to the point.

How to Check the CTR of Creatives

The easiest way is to go to the creatives overview page. Under the left-hand sidebar navigation of the PlugRush user interface, select BUY TRAFFIC and then Creatives to get there.


Once there, you’ll have three tabs to choose from: Banners, Native Ads, and Push Ads

Select the creative type you want to review data for and in the far-right column of your creatives stats, you’ll see the CTR column. This is where you’ll see your overall Click-Through Rate displayed as a percentage for a given creative.

And that’s the CTR that will matter when the system decides if your ad should be sent out for ad impressions more frequently.

Good and Bad CTR Percentages

What’s good and what’s bad will vary a bit between ad formats. It’s safe to assume that for push ads and banners, a higher CTR % is more common than for native ads.

With that being said, a good starting off point is to aim for a CTR percentage of 0.2% when you’ve just started running a campaign.

As you make progress with your ad campaign optimization and split-testing, you should arrive at a point where your creatives exceed this average CTR%.

If your CTR percentage for creatives is worse (below) 0.2%, then you should be rotating in new ads every day. This will give you a chance to eliminate push ads, banners, and native ads that achieve a CTR that is less than 0.2%.

Cliffs: Too Long, Didn’t Read

  • The Click-Through Rate (CTR) of push ads, native ads, and banners is important to monitor, when running display ad campaigns.
  • You can monitor it from HERE
  • A CTR percentage of 0.2% is roughly average and should be your minimum goal to achieve.
  • Ads with a CTR lower than 0.2% should be removed (and ideally replaced with new creatives) from campaigns during optimization.
  • CTR optimization should have the goal of finding creatives that achieve the highest Click-Through Rates possible. This will make them more effective at gaining ad impressions and thus clicks.
  • New creatives for split-testing should be added daily.

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