Enjoy the rest of your holidays thanks to Automated Rules

If you’re lacking free time to spend with your loved ones during the holidays, please make use of our Automated Rules feature for free to auto-optimize your campaigns.

We hope you’re enjoying your holidays and just wanted to hit you with a very quick, but also extremely important message about your free time, or lack thereof.

Whenever we speak to media buyers and affiliate marketers alike, the primary limitation in what they’re able to accomplish day to day is always the same: Time.

We have a solution to your time problem

It’s not surprising to us that they would cite not having enough time in each day to accomplish all their goals, because we had this same issue with our internal media buyers before the later part of 2018. What turned it around? The answer to this question is very simple: Automated Rules.


During the holidays, the time you have at your disposal is more precious than ever, so why spend it doing something that you could have the PlugRush robots do for you? Discover how to use Automated Rules in this guide and stop wasting time with basic optimization of conversion-based ad campaigns.

Very Important: Don’t forget to collect your HOLIDAY BONUS!

This year, PlugRush leveled up its bonus giving abilities. We created the most amazing gift bag that lets all PlugRushers (advertisers and publishers) take advantage of an amazing promo period that won’t end until the end of January 2019. Read all about it HERE.

Thank you for reading and once more… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!