Push Traffic – CPC vs CPM: Why advertisers choose PlugRush

As a media buyer, you certainly have several options when you decide where to buy your traffic from for push notification ads. Discover why PlugRush is your best choice for your push traffic needs.

First off: To all of you celebrating it, Merry Christmas!

Last week, we opened up Push Notification Ads to our advertisers and they’re buying up this traffic faster than our publishers can pile up push subscribers for them. You can learn how to start buying push traffic from us HERE.

When you deposit funds into your PlugRush account to buy push traffic, use voucher code CHEERSTO2019 for an extra 10% bonus on top.


That code can be used one time per advertiser and will be valid until January 31st, 2019. You can read more about our special holiday bonus period in our blog post about it.

Back on topic: Why is it that media buyers are choosing to buy this traffic from PlugRush, when they have other traffic networks to choose from as well?

We think the answer is simple: At PlugRush advertisers pay per click, NOT per impression, for push traffic.

Because we charge for push traffic on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis, our advertisers know exactly how much they pay when an end user clicks their ad. And they know they don’t have to pay anything for us to just get their ad an impression, like they would if they’re forced to buy push notification traffic on a CPM basis. (Bleh.)

Putting ads in front of users is great, but only charging when those people actually click your push ads is even better. So that’s what we do here at PlugRush. And it’s why you should be buying your push traffic from us.

Recommended further reading

  • The Push Notification Ads Guide for Advertisers is an important document to read for any media buyer looking to use this new ad format now available at PlugRush on a CPC basis.
  • Publishers or webmasters can discover how to implement push notification ads on their websites (both mainstream and adult) in this guide.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned over the holidays, we’ve got more great stuff on the way!

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