How to build your referral network and earn passive income with PlugRush

Over the years, spreading the word about our great services to advertisers and publishers paid off for our users. Many have generated a great passive income as our affiliates. Regardless of how or to whom you recommend PlugRush, explore the chance of getting a cut from our revenue for life! Here’s how you can do it too!

Participating in a referral program is a win-win-win situation for all the parties involved. On one hand you have PlugRush as a traffic network and on the other – advertisers and publishers that login everyday and use our services to promote their products. Being the great network that we are, we wanted to find a way to let our users know how much we appreciate the fact that they not only love our network, but also promote it by talking positively about us to their business partners and friends.

That’s the idea behind starting a referral program at PlugRush. Having a set of tools that users can simply copy & paste to their friends, while getting paid for doing so. No matter who they refer us to. And this is what’s crucial for us.

We are the only traffic network in the affiliate marketing world where you get paid for referring us to not only webmasters/publishers, but advertisers as well!

PlugRush affiliates have used the Referral Program to generate a source of passive income. Some of them have a long list of people they’ve referred to us, creating thus their own referral network of people. Over the years the program never stopped and continues to be a great way to reward our users and say “Thank you!”.

Astonishing facts about PlugRush Referral program:

  • The PlugrRush Referral Program started in October 2011
  • The record referral payout to a single user in a month is: $16.292,74
  • The total amount paid to our affiliates so far is: $1.6 million!
  • Every single 15th of the month our affiliates have their referral payouts visible on their account.
  • The 5% lifetime revenue share is guaranteed

How does the Referral Program work exactly?

When you recommend us to a potential user of our services and that person joins PlugRush, he/she stays linked to your account as your referred user. Forever.

Once the user starts his/her advertising or publishing journey on PlugRush, you’ll be able to see that information on your account. All that’s left to do is wait for the sweet referral funds to kick in. Meaning, once your referred advertiser starts spending money or your referred publisher starts earning money, PlugRush will give you a % of its revenue in cash!

The number of users that can be referred by you is not limited, nor is the amount of money you’ll receive as your referral payout!

This information is useful especially because, as our user and follower, you’re aware how much effort we put into growing our network and adding new features.

A quick list of to-dos to help you take action right away

To-do: Hit the Referral Program tab in your account and pick up your referral tools!

You have an account with PlugRush and you want to recommend us. Be sure to use one, if not all three, tools are available to you every time you are recommending PlugRush to your professional community.

To-do: Check your referral stats containing the list of all the users that have registered using your affiliate link!

Everything is done automatically. A new user clicks on the Affiliate Link, URL or banner, lands on the PlugRush site, registers and boom! You have a new referred user!

To-do: Look into your ‘Balance’ tab and find listed under referral payout the total amount of earnings this month!

Every month you’ll accumulate the % revenue share from all your referred users and that money will be available for you to use as you like.

To-do: Read the PlugRush Referral Program Guide

All the detailed information in regards to our Referral Program can be found in our guide.

Any ideas to whom I can recommend PlugRush to and where can I use my referring tools?

Since you’ll be earning money from publishers and advertisers alike, the profiles of users that you can refer PlugRush to is almost limitless in the online marketing industry. Think about all that PlugRush has to offer to its users and use that to your advantage!

Each time the following topics on buying or selling traffic comes up, you can use it to your advantage. Let’s see what those topics can be:

  • Mainstream traffic
  • Adult traffic
  • Pop traffic
  • Mobile traffic
  • Natives traffic
  • Banner traffic
  • Push notification traffic

Where can you use PlugRush Referral tools:

  • In conversations via messengers (Skype, ICQ, Whatsapp, Viber, Slack, Telegram…)
  • On your social media pages, posts, groups (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn…)
  • In an email that you can send out to everybody in your email list
  • In and on your landing pages
  • On your own website (blogs, review sites, news sites, tube sites…)
  • In your signature: email, forum, page… wherever

Hope this article provided useful information and gave you some ideas on how to start your long lasting passive income journey with us. New users will get access to our great services and benefit from them. You’ll get a 5% lifetime cut of the generated revenue every time your referrals spend or earn money! And we, at PlugRush, will continue to grow alongside you.

Thank you for all your support over the 10+ years, we appreciate you not only as our users but as our business partners in the true meaning of the word.