Our guides will make you a better media buyer or webmaster

Whether you’re buying traffic, selling traffic or both, it’s important that you spend a bit of time reading our guides to make you the most efficient media buyer and/or webmaster you can be!

As an ad network, now serving both mainstream and adult ads for our avertisers & publishers, we have recently placed a larger focus on truly educating and informing our current and future users. It’s definitely a work in progress and we have a lot more planned, but a firm start to this has been providing more guides.

In these tutorials, we cover things like using our Automated Rules system as an advertiser to save tons of time and improve ROI faster, how publishers can implement our display ads (banners & native ads) because we’re not just a pop ads network, and many other topics. Even simple ones like how to deposit or withdraw funds to or from the system.

A prime example: The launch of Push Notification Ads for publishers (and soon advertisers as well)

This month, we launched Push Notification Ads for our publishers, and very soon we’re going to make traffic from their subscribers available to our advertisers for monetization.

When we launched this new & innovative ad-format, we immediately made a guide available for all of our publishers that want to generate long-term, passive income from users that may have already stopped browsing their sites.

It’s a game changer and we show you how to use push ads by implementing them on your sites yourself. There is no need to hire someone just to do this for you, it’s very easy.


Discover how you can add PlugRush’s Push Notification Ads on your sites in our guide about this innovative new ad-format HERE.

Do some reading to save money and be more efficient long-term

To summarize what’s written above:

We’re looking to drop some knowledge on all of you about our great features!

We know our system can make you a lot of money when you’ve learned how to use it properly. And that’s also what this article is about.

Even though we are a self-serve traffic network at the core, we want you to know that you don’t have to go in blind. You can use our helpful guides to make the most out of your PlugRush experience.

Being a self-serve platform allows us to sell traffic to our advertisers at very competitive rates, all while giving a larger cut of the funds to our publishers (webmasters) than a fully managed service ever could. This makes us very attractive for media buyers and webmasters that don’t want to waste money on something they can do themselves.

Because we have a very intuitive platform and guides to describe our powerful features, you can use PlugRush instead of a managed solution or ad agency for your traffic buying & selling. Both mainstream and adult traffic can be bought & sold through our platform.

We’ve given you the optimization tools needed and guides on how to use them. Now it’s your turn to make use of them to fatten up your wallet!