Weekend-proofing ad campaigns with Automated Rules

Find out how you can have your ad campaigns optimize themselves over the weekend, while you go out and enjoy yourself. Don’t spend your weekends working in the office optimizing campaigns. Use PlugRush Automated Rules to make it automatic.

It’s Thursday and the weekend is almost upon us. What do you have planned? If your answer to this question includes doing some optimization work on your ad campaigns, then you definitely need Automated Rules in your life.

Go out and enjoy yourself this weekend! Automated Rules have you covered!

When we put our developers to work on our Automated Rules system earlier this year, we had no idea how much of a time-saver it would end up being. Now it’s December… and we know this feature, all by itself, takes productivity and efficiency in media buying to a whole new level.

90% reductions on time spent optimizing ad campaigns are common among advertisers and media buyers taking advantage of this very powerful automatic optimization tool. That’s huge.

Before Rules were a thing, you basically had two not quite optimial choices to choose from as a media buyer when the weekend hit ~~you like a freight train~~.

1st choice: Pause your campaigns for the weekend in order to avoid having them mess up your hard optimization work done during the week, f.ex. by receiving too much traffic from new under-performing Subsources.

2nd choice: Do optimization work on your ad campaigns during the weekend, so they can continue to run smoothly and make money. This meant you had less free time on Saturday and Sunday. Not good. Not good at all.

Problem solved with Automated Rules!

Now you don’t have to resort to either of those two choices outlined above. Instead you can have amazing weekends packed full of fun activities without wasting time thinking about how your ad campaigns are doing. Just make sure your campaigns have Rules attached to them and you’re golden. It’s like you can have a cake, and eat it too!

They’ll optimize themselves over the weekend and then you can check on their progress again on Monday. You don’t have to pause them or keep an eye on them on Saturday and Sunday.


Thanks for reading!

It’s awesome you took the time to read this. Now it’s time to create some free time for yourself and enjoy this upcoming weekend to the max!

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