Camhead: A Powerful Mobile Ad Format for Adult Webmasters

If you’re an adult webmaster, the Camhead ad-format is a very interesting one for you to try out on your sites. It provides value to your audience with cam models and value to you with extra money.

Today’s post is geared toward our adult webmasters. Publishers sending us traffic from their adult websites make up a big part of our business, so we gotta make sure they’re happy! It is primarily for this reason that we now provide a new ad format that you won’t see from other ad networks. Enter the Camhead.

What’s a Camhead?

The Camhead, when enabled, is a small notification icon that will pop in from the top right of the website as mobile user visits it. When tapped or clicked on, it expands with details on how to chat with a currently active & live webcam model through her cam chatroom (with the possibility to visit it).


The cam models displayed are always live and online at that exact moment in their webcam chat, so the visitor gets provided with a high quality user experience and the webmaster who owns the site utilizing the Camhead ads gets paid. Everybody wins!

It’s a very non-intrusive way to promote something that most adult website visitors are genuinely interested in. You should definitely try it out.

How do I use the Camhead ad format?

This part is extremely simple. Just add the PlugRush Main Ad Code to your website as described in detail here. And then enable the Camhead ad format. It’s literally one toggle on the websites index in your PlugRush account. The image below illustrates this.


Thank you for reading!

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read this quick article about our new Camhead ad format, designed particularly for the mobile versions of adult websites. Come back soon to our blog for more! We recommend you bookmark it.

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