Q&A Series: Automated Rules – You ask, we answer! + BONUS

To kick off our Q&A series of articles, here are some important questions about Automated Rules… and answers to them! We’ve gotten some questions about this powerful ad campaign auto-optimization tool, so we wanted to answer them for you.

In our first installment of this brand new Questions & Answers Series we’re starting today, we’ll answer questions about what’s on everybody’s mind right now: Automated Rules


With automatic advertising campaign optimization being all the rage right now when it comes to purchasing web traffic (be it mobile or desktop, mainstream or adult), it’s fitting that PlugRush’s new Rules system would be the first topic covered.

With these new Q&A articles, we plan to cover important topics and the most common questions we’ve gotten about them from our users. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Q&A: The most common questions our support team has gotten about Automated Rules

Q: Can Rules be applied to all traffic types?

A: Yes. Rules can be applied to mainstream and adult campaigns, desktop and mobile campaigns… banner campaigns, native ad campaigns, pop campaigns… Literally all of them.

Q: How soon, after a Rule is created, does it start to take effect?

A: After a campaign has been active for two hours, Rules applied to it will start to do their work.

Q: What timeframe does a Rule apply to?

A: The past seven days of stats will be considered.

Q: How many Rules can I have per campaign?

A: There is no limit. Create as many as you want.

Q: Can I apply one Rule to many different campaigns?

A: Yes, as many as you want to.

Q: How much does it cost to be able to use Automated Rules?

A: It costs $0. Yes, you read that right, it’s free to use PlugRush Automated Rules, unlike other third party automatic ad campaign optimization tools that may cost you hundreds per month.

Q: Are there any cases when I can’t use Rules on my campaigns?

A: While we won’t stop you from making Rules for any campaigns, we generally recommend that you have conversion tracking set up to use them. Automatic optimization lends itself very well to conversion-based advertising campaigns.

If your campaign’s success is not measured by conversions (f.ex. if you’re buying traffic to improve your website’s traffic flow), then it may not make much sense to add Rules. Instead, it would make a lot of sense to use our Sources system with the {$source_id} token added to your campaign URL as discussed in detail in our Sources Guide.

Q: What if Rules overlap?

A: Then our system will display an exclamation mark ! as a warning sign by the affected ones in the Rules interface. The Rule that would take effect last would be the one utilized by Automated Rules, so be careful not to overlap them. You can read more about overlapping Rules (with an example provided) here.

Q: Where can I find all my Rules?

A: In the left sidebar of the Rules creation interface on the campaigns page in your PlugRush account. Simply click the blue ‘Rules’ button (next to the green ‘Create Campaign’ button) to open it up.


Q: I deleted a Rule, can I undo this action?

A: No. Please note that deleting a Rule is final and make sure you only delete Rules you no longer want to use. If you do delete a Rule but want it back, and remember what it did, you can of course re-create it from scratch and it will have the same effect as the old Rule.

Q: When creating a new Rule, I can’t find certain campaigns in the search bar. How do I search for them?

A: The campaigns available in the Rules creation area are the ones visible in the campaign stats overview. Please make sure to name your campaigns with a naming system that makes them easy to find, then it should be no issue to have the campaigns you want to apply Rules to pulled up.

To learn much more about our Automated Rules system, please read the full guide about it here.

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Thank you for reading!

We hope you enjoyed this little Q&A about Automated Rules. Stay tuned for more answers to your common questions about other topics in future installments of this new series. If you have any questions you can’t find answers to in our guides, hit up our amazing support team. They’ve been crushing it with an average response time under 3 hours, when it comes to support tickets. That’s help you can depend on!