Push Notification Ads Guide for Publishers

Discover an innovative way of monetizing your mainstream and adult website traffic with the push notification ad format available at PlugRush.

CPC based Push Notification Ads for your website

With many ad networks only paying you for the push notification subscribers you send to them as a publisher on a per subscriber basis, PlugRush made sure to improve on this concept. With us, you can monetize push notification subscribers via ads delivered to them through this new technology on a per click basis. This creates an opportunity for long term profits to all webmasters (both mainstream and adult websites can have our Push Notification Ads implemented on them)!

Traditional ad formats like banners and native ads, or even more innovative ones like our Real Native Ads, can do a great job of monetizing your website’s visitors when they’re actually browsing through your site. But it has long been a dream of many mainstream and adult webmasters to also be able to advertise to their users once they’re done browsing their website and have already left. Enter push notifications.

What is a Push Notification?

A push notification is a message sent to an end user, be it to their mobile device (i.e. a smartphone) or a desktop computer, after they have opted in to receive notifications from a given website or mobile app to become a subscriber. It’s generally displayed on the home screen of mobile devices (f.ex. on Android phones) and in the message portion of desktop operating systems such as Windows 10.

For a visitor to your website to get push notification messages from it, they need to opt in by clicking to allow them. When they arrive at your website, once you have Push Notification Ads active on it, they’ll get a small prompt in the browser to allow push notifications. If they choose to allow them, it will then be possible to serve them advertisements via push.


What are the key benefits of using Push Notifications in advertising?

This system of sending notifications to users that have chosen to receive messages via push from a given website is a great tool for webmasters to expand the horizons of what is possible in the monetization of their end users. Let’s cover some of the primary benefits that come with enabling PlugRush’s Push Notification Ads on your sites. These benefits apply to both adult and mainstream website owners, because PlugRush’s Push Notification Ads can be used on all of your sites!

1. Reach visitors that have already left your site

With the help of push notification ads, you’re able to reach the audience of your website with advertisements, when they may have already stopped browsing through your site.

Not only will you earn extra money from users that have already left your site, but you’ll also remind them about your website at regular intervals, because they’ll see the advertisements as coming from your site. This will ensure that your site’s name is always fresh in your visitors minds!

2. Increase earnings without having to resort to intrusive ad formats

When we first touch base with many publishers in our ad network, we often see that ads can be implemented in a “more is always better” fashion. It’s usually done in an effort to earn more by placing more advertisements, but in most cases the opposite will occur.

Especially when you look at the effects of bombarding your site’s visitors with a large amount of ads on each pageload over a longer period of time, this can do some damage. While it may make sense not to only limit yourself to one ad format, it’s important to keep the end user’s experience in mind as well.

A visitor that comes to your website and isn’t bombarded with all sorts of ads immediately is going to be one that’s likely to return and make long-term profits possible. With a good user experience as one of your advertising goals, push notifications are a great ad-format to implement.

Visitors will only receive push advertisements, if they’ve opted in to receive push notification messages, so they will already have shown interest in learning more from your site. This primes them perfectly to be visitors that have monetization potential for the advertisers in our traffic network.

Because these will be high quality ads for our advertisers, it also means they can pay you (the website owner) more money for this valuable traffic. Your CPC generated by clicks or taps on push notification ads will generally at least match how much you’re earning per click on native ads, with a potential to match even banner clicks. And this is from users that don’t even have to be on your site, so you’d be a fool to leave that additional income on the table.

3. At PlugRush: Monetize traffic from push on a per click basis, NOT only per subscriber

Getting paid per subscriber on push ads is kind of missing the point of them, but it’s what many networks seem to be doing. As a webmaster, this means you get paid a certain amount per subscriber, but if you send some really good subscribers you’re going to miss out on a lot of extra income this way.

So we at PlugRush decided that we want to have happy publishers and set our Push Notification Ads up to be paid for on a per click basis. So, you’ll get paid for all ad clicks generated by your subscribers. This sets you up for long term monetization potential on each subscriber, which is fantastic to say the least.

I want to earn extra money with Push Notifications! How do I set it up?

Now that you know how you can benefit from using push ads to monetize your visitors in a new and effective way as a webmaster, it’s time to set them up on your sites. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and can be used on mainstream and adult websites you’ve registered in PlugRush.

1. Make sure your site uses HTTPS

Before it’s possible to enable PlugRush’s Push Notification Ads on your sites, you need to make sure they’re using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). HTTP is the protocol used to transfer data between a web browser and website. The added S in HTTPS stands for secure, which means all transfers of data between the browser and web page are encrypted. It’s required to be able to opt visitors into push notifications.

If your websites aren’t yet switched over to HTTPS, you’ll need to implement an SSL certificate. Using a service like Let’s Encrypt can simplify the process.

2. Implement our Main Ad Code on your website

After you register a website, we provide all the steps you need to take to implement PlugRush’s Main Ad Code. Please read the full guide about the Main Ad Code here.

We very strongly recommend you use the “PHP – Adblock Safe” version of the Main Ad Code, when planning to use Push Notification Ads. The animated GIF below illustrates where to find it in the websites overview.


Important note: If you downloaded the Main Ad Code PHP file before November 15th, 2018 for your website, please re-download a new version of it in order for Push Notification Ads to function properly on your site.

If you’ve only implemented our “JavaScript – Not AdBlock Safe” version or old PHP Main Ad Code, then Push Notifications will work with a double opt-in, which means you will miss out on many subscribers and lose out on potential revenue from them.

3. Toggle Push Notification Ads on

With the Main Ad Code implemented on your website (adult or mainstream), you’re literally a single click away from having Push Notifications Ads active on it. The image below shows where to click in the websites overview to turn them on.


Thank you for reading!

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to learn more about this innovative ad format that can help you earn extra money from your websites. If you have more questions, please read our other guides or contact our great support team.