Quick Guide: Win Rate

Discover what the win rate metric means for your ad campaigns at PlugRush and learn how to use it to optimize how much traffic your campaigns can win.

What this quick guide will cover:

  • What the win rate of a campaign is
  • How to use the win rate of a campaign during the optimization process
  • Why we replaced the Average Position metric with a Win Rate percentage

This quick guide should take you less than five minutes to read.

What’s a Win Rate?

The win rate is a metric that indicates how much traffic your campaign was able to win out of the amount of traffic that was overall available to it. It’s expressed as a percentage.

If your win rate is 1%, it means out every 100 clicks you could’ve purchased theoretically (for your campaign’s targeting) with your advertising campaign in our traffic network, you were able to buy one visitor.

The win rate is determined by your campaign’s CPC bid. The higher you are able to bid for the traffic you’re targeting, the more likely your win rate is to improve.

How to Use the Win Rate for Campaign Optimization

When you’re optimizing a campaign, the win rate percentage will become most important during the scaling process. When your campaign is ready to go full throttle, it’s great to know your win rate %, because it gives you a rough idea of what can be easily possible.

When looking over your PlugRush campaign overview, you can see the win rate displayed for each campaign as a percentage. If you hover over each individual campaign’s win rate percentage, you will see what that percentage means effectively for your campaign’s reach. Based on this, you can make a smart decision on whether or not you should increase your CPC bid to broaden the campaign’s reach.

Win Rate Percentage Examples


If your win rate is 99% already with your current bid, then increasing your CPC bid to scale the ad campaign will only be slightly effective… because there is only 1% more to win. However, if you’re sitting around a 1% win rate (or maybe even less), it’s very easy to scale your campaign by increasing your CPC bid. At 1%, you’re leaving a lot of traffic on the table for your competitors.

Use Win Rate with PlugRush’s Automated Rules for Automatic Campaign Optimization

The win rate % can also be used as a condition for Automated Rules, which allow you to automatically optimize your ad campaigns. For example, you could use them to increase your CPC bid on Subsources where your win rate is too low. Learn more about Auto Rules HERE.

Auto Rule Example for Win Rate

Why the Average Position Was Replaced by the Win Rate?

The Average Position (now obsolete) metric in PlugRush advertiser statistics was the predecessor of our new win rate metric. It attempted to put the win rate % into context by assigning it a number value based on how often your CPC bid would win against competitors.

Because the Average Position could be quite subjective in some instances, as it had to factor in and put into context various aspects of the campaign’s targeting, we wanted to replace it with a more pure metric, which led us to implement the win rate instead.

The Win Rate % is a pure metric. Take a look at your campaigns HERE and see where you could be buying much more traffic with a higher CPC bid!