Potential RTB/XML Partners: MUST READ

1: Create an account HERE. If you’ve already done this, you can skip this step.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STEP 2: You must add a website that is not an ad-network. It must be an actual website with updated content, or it will be rejected.

2: After logging in, go to Sell Traffic > Websites. Here you will be able to add your website.

Here are two examples for you:
Adult: https://www.burningcamel.com
Mainstream: https://www.likeaboss.com

3: After you have added your website, please let your account manager know so that it can be reviewed. There is no need to verify the website, that is for direct publishers only, not RTB/XML partners.
4: Once your domain is approved, your account manager will create your feeds for you and we can begin.

As always, ask your account manager any questions or concerns you may have.