How to Make Deposits – A Funds Guide for Advertisers

Learn all about the wonderful ways you can fund your campaigns, including which payment methods we support and how to use them to make a deposit.

Today, we’ll learn how to make a deposit in PlugRush, so you can run the campaigns you’ve created and begin to optimize them in order to skyrocket your ROI to the moon and beyond.

In this guide, we’re going to cover the payment methods we have available, how to set them up in your account, and of course how to actually use them to load funds. Let’s get started with this fund story about how to add money to your PlugRush account balance.

Available Payment Methods

The five funding methods currently at your disposal are:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Paxum
  3. WebMoney
  4. PayPal
  5. Wire Transfer

There are some key differences in how these must be set up in your account and also how to use them properly. In the following sections, we will cover all of this for you.

A few of the differences are fee structures imposed by the payment systems and the minimum deposit amounts required for them. This may be an important factor when deciding which payment method is right for your current situation.

Credit Card

This is the go to payment option used primarily by our small to medium-sized advertisers and media buyers, but also a lot of the larger ones that prefer an instant payment option. It’s very simple to use, as long as you have a credit card, and fees are low.


Key benefits of loading with a credit card & how to do it:

  • No prior setup needed. Just go to the funds page and click the blue ‘Load’ button to get started.
  • Fees are low at just 2.5%, so it’s a better option than PayPal for most.
  • The minimum deposit amount is only $25.
  • Deposits made with credit cards will be instantly reflected in your PlugRush account balance.

Important note when depositing with credit card: You must have 3D Secure (3DS) activated on your credit card. 3DS is a way to safely authenticate online payments made with credit cards. It helps significantly to prevent fraudulent transactions. 3D Secure is known by various names depending on the credit card provider. Visa calls it Verified by Visa, MasterCard calls it MasterCard SecureCode, and American Express calls it American Express SafeKey. If you’re unsure whether this is enabled on your credit card, please contact the bank that issued your card for more details.


A staple payment option in the adult sector for several years now, Paxum provides its users the option to make quick & easy payments at a low flat fee. The minimum amount to use this funding method is just $10, which makes it feasible to use on any advertising budget.


Adding your Paxum account in two steps:

  1. Click the blue ‘Add Account’ button for Paxum here.
  2. On the next page, put in a quick description of the account to make it easy to remember which one it is. And then just add the Paxum e-mail and hit the ‘Save details’ button.

Making a deposit with Paxum:

After you have added your Paxum account, just go to your funds page and click the blue ‘Load’ button to make a deposit.

Key benefits when paying us with Paxum:

  • Deposits are instantly reflected in your account balance, after you make a payment with Paxum.
  • The minimum amount is only $10.
  • Paxum’s fees are flat, low amounts ($0.25 for transfers from a personal account and $1 for business accounts) that make it an awesome payment option when you’re transfering higher amounts than just a few dollars. The fees not being percentage-based means they do not go up with the amount being deposited.


A popular payment platform in numerous countries, WebMoney allows for payments to be made in various ways. You can learn more about them at their website here. Once you have your WebMoney account set up, it’s really easy to use it for deposits at PlugRush.

Adding WebMoney as a funding method:

  1. Click the blue ‘Add Account’ button for WebMoney here.
  2. Fill out your account info and hit the ‘Save’ button.

Loading funds using WebMoney:

Once your WebMoney account is added, you can load funds with it immediately here. Simply click the blue ‘Load’ button to start on the funds page.

Key benefits of using WebMoney to fund your PlugRush account:

  • WebMoney deposits will be instantly reflected in your PlugRush account balance.
  • The minimum amount is only $10.


As PayPal is one of the largest online payment service providers, it really needs no further introduction.

While the fees for loading, which are currently at 4.5%, aren’t that low compared to other payment options like credit card, convenience and ease of use is a big factor for many advertisers and media buyers that choose to utilize PayPal.

Most of our smaller advertisers choose to use PayPal at the beginning of their advertising journey, because it’s an easily accessible payment method for them. We generally recommend switching to credit card once your load transaction amounts reach $25 and you are thus meeting the minimum for credit card loads.

Adding PayPal as a funding method:

  1. Click the blue ‘Add Account’ button for PayPal here.
  2. You’ll be asked to log into your PayPal account and allow us to retrieve some information about it (f.ex. that it’s verified by PayPal).
  3. Once you’re returned to PlugRush from PayPal, don’t forget to upload a clear photograph of your photo ID. Please read more about this below.

Special requirements for making deposits using PayPal:

In order to make deposits with PayPal, we must have a clear photograph of your government-issued photo ID (i.e. passport or driver license) on file. This must match the PayPal account holder. Below is an infographic outlining the type of photographs we accept for the unlocking of PayPal deposit privileges. Our compliance team reviews all submitted documents within 24 hours or less.


Loading funds using PayPal:

Once your PayPal account is cleared for deposits after your photo ID has been approved, you can load funds with it here. Simply click the blue ‘Load’ button to start.

Key benefits of using PayPal to fund your PlugRush account:

  • PayPal deposits will be instantly reflected in your PlugRush account balance.
  • The minimum amount is only $10.
  • Almost everyone already has a PayPal account, so it’s a highly accessible payment method to use.

Wire Transfer

The use of bank wire transfers generally starts to make sense, once you’re looking to fund your PlugRush account balance with more than $1000. Because it’s a resource-intensive payment option to process as a whole, we set the minimum to deposit with wire to $500.

Fees will vary depending on the bank account(s) you send us money from, as they will be charged in combination by our bank and yours. In most cases, fees will fall into the $30 – $60 range.

When does it make sense mathematically to switch to wire transfers? Let’s do some math because it’s so much fun! If you want to send us wire transfer payments instead of another payment method you’re currently using, it’s important to consider the fees involved. Let’s say it costs, on average, $50 to send us a wire transfer.

For credit card payments, there is a 2.5% fee. So you will reach a $50 fee for credit card payments when you load $2000. That means, if you plan to load more than $2000 and you’re currently using credit card as your funding method, it makes sense to switch to wire.

If you’re using Paxum to send us money, it likely doesn’t make sense to switch to wire transfer, unless you currently fund your Paxum account with wire transfers (then it may be a good idea to just skip that step).

For PayPal, fees are at 4.5%, so at $1100 in load transactions you’ll reach $49.50 in fees. That means it could make sense to then start using wire transfers instead.

Adding wire transfer as a funding method:

  1. Click the blue ‘Add Account’ button for Wire Transfer here.
  2. Fill out your bank account information and hit the save button.

To then send us money with a wire transfer, follow these steps:

  1. Click the blue ‘Load’ button on your transactions page here to enter the load transaction into our system.
  2. This will automatically generate an invoice for you, which includes details (i.e. our bank account information) on how to actually send us funds with a bank wire transfer. You can download this invoice in PDF format.
  3. Create the wire transaction in your bank account.

In general, it takes five business days or less for us to receive wire transfers once you have sent them. Once the money has been added to our bank account, our accountants will add the funds to your PlugRush account balance as soon as possible.

Key benefits of sending bank wire transfers:

  • The fees involved are lower than for our other payment options available, once you’re loading more than $1000 in most cases.
  • Almost everyone has a bank account, so it’s generally a payment option accessible to all of our users.

Thanks for reading!

We appreciate you taking the time to familiarize yourself with the payment options we have available for you to use, when depositing funds as an advertiser in our system. We hope this guide will be helpful to prevent your daily budgets from running dry! Please read our other guides or contact our friendly support staff, if you need any further assistance.