How to get started as a publisher

Discover how you can begin selling your sites traffic to PlugRush’s advertisers in less than 10 minutes as a webmaster. Become a successful publisher.

How to Register a Website

Before you can start sending us traffic, you need to register your website in our network. To begin, click through to SELL TRAFFIC = and then hit the blue ‘Register Website’ button.


The registration process takes just a couple minutes to complete. The three simple steps involved are outlined below.

Step 1: Enter the URL of your website.

Step 2: Tell us if it’s an adult or mainstream website, and select the appropriate orientation / category for it.

Step 3: Verify your website and implement our ad codes in one go. The Main Ad Code will accomplish both of those things instantly. You can read more about it in our Main Ad Code Guide.

Available Ad Formats – What They Are and How to Use Them to Maximize Your Publisher Earnings

When you finish registering your website, you’ll be provided with some ad codes. The most important one is the Main Ad Code, which should be placed between the and tags of your site’s HTML code in order to make all our ad formats function properly on your website.


Along with the Main Ad Code and the opportunity to toggle off any ad formats you don’t want to activate right away, you’ll be given code snippets for our large variety of banner ad formats and a code for a display unit of native ads. It’s responsive, so you can place that anywhere you’d like on your website. Next, we’ll quickly describe what we mean by display ads. There are three ways to implement PlugRush’s banners and native ads.


Native Ads

Native ads are small display ad units that are intended to blend in with your content. Essentially, they’re small banners that should closely resemble your site’s content in order to improve their Click-Through Rate (CTR). You will be paid for each click generated on native ads you place on your website.

To place them, you may use our pre-created native ad code snippet provided when you finish registering your website, but the better alternative is just to let us do all the work with our Real Native Ads.

You can also create some more standard native ad blocks yourself, which we’ll cover further down, but the route to take for most websites is activating our Real NativeAds and then placing banners in the prime ad positions on your website for optimal performance and income.


A banner ad is a display ad unit you can place on your website. It’s different from a native ad, because it can more easily be identified as an advertisement. The combination of this and it being a click-based display ad unit makes banners the most valuable ad format for our advertisers. Visitors willingly clicking on a banner advertisement tend to be the easiest to monetize, which makes this the most efficient ad format for advertisers.

Our available banner ad formats are the following: 160×600, 300×600, 300×250, 728×90, 250×250, 200×200, 336×280, 120×600, 970×90, 468×60, 320×50, 320×100, 300×100

Pro Tip: We strongly recommend placing our banners in the most prominent ad spots on your website. An ad above the fold is generally a great guideline to use when implementing our banner ads. Banner ads are the best ad format to generate income, followed very closely by our Real NativeAds. In our humble opinion, you should always utilize these two ad formats.

Push Notification Ads

Push ads can be served to visitors of your mainstream and adult sites registered with PlugRush, as soon as they’ve opted in to be a subscriber. This traffic is extremely valuable to advertisers and at PlugRush we give you the unique opportunity to monetize your push notification subscribers on a per click basis.

So you get paid whenever one of your subscribers clicks on an ad they’re served through a push notification from us, which is much better for having long-term income from your push subscribers. Most other traffic networks will just pay you per subscriber, so make sure you’re using our push ads instead to make the most out of your hard-earned subscribers! Learn much more about Push Notification Ads here in our guide about this innovative ad-format.

With the Main Ad Code added to your site, activating Push Notification Ads is just a single click on the websites overview away, as illustrated by the GIF below.


Desktop Pops

A new window launched in the visitor’s browser when they click something on your website. You can decide if the pop should launch when they click anywhere on the page or just on content.

Mobile Pops

This is simply the mobile counterpart of desktop pops to help monetize your mobile visitors.

IM (short for Instant Message)

A display ad unit that slides into view from the bottom right corner of your website to mimic an instant message alert. These are great for generating some extra clicks to boost your income without taking up actual real estate on your website.

Managing Adzones and Creating More

Now that you know how to register your website, how to implement our ad formats, and what all of our available ad formats are, we have one last thing to outline. Managing your adzones and creating more display ad units for your website.

Adzone Management

On the websites index page, locate the ‘Adzones’ column and click on the green icon displaying the number of adzones you currently have created. This will produce a full list of your currently active adzones for your website.


From there, you can easily see the adzones that have been created for your website and grab your ad codes for them. You can also remove unwanted adzones from there using the actions (looks like a blue gear) icon and selecting ‘Remove’.

Adzone Creation

This can also be done from the websites index in a few quick steps. At the top of the screen, click ‘Create Adzone’ to start the PlugRush Adzone Creator. After this, follow these steps.

Select the website you want to create an adzone for.

  1. Select the adzone format, i.e. Banner.
  2. Select the adzone size, i.e. Rectangle (300×250).
  3. Grab your ad code and give the adzone a name.

Have our system test it, if you’d like. Otherwise just skip & finish.


Thank you for reading!

Now you’re ready to be the best publisher you can be and monetize your websites like never before. If you have questions or would like some extra guidance in placing PlugRush’s ads on your websites, please contact our Live Support. We’re happy to help!

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To learn more about being the best publisher you can be, we strongly encourage you to utilize the power of selling clicked traffic via banners and Real Native Ads. Please read our special guides on how to implement display ads and how to take advantage of the Real Native Ads format on your website.