Happy Holidays! Here is a gift for you. (BONUS)

We think you deserve a festive bonus for all the hard work you’ve been putting in to wrap up 2018 and start 2019 off right. There is something for publishers and advertisers in our gift bag for you!

Happy Holidays to all PlugRushers!

At the PlugRush offices, we’ve prepared something special for this holiday season. We wanted to give all of our users (whether you celebrate Xmas, Hanukkah, another religious holiday or nothing at all) a nice gift to finish 2018 strong and begin the New Year with money raining from the sky instead of just the remains of fireworks blown up at your New Year’s party.

Collect your Holiday BONUS $$$

We’ve come up with two great ways to dish out a nice end of the year bonus to both our advertisers and also our publishers. Advertisers can even take advantage of both promos that are available. We hope you’ll love it!

Advertiser Bonus: Use voucher code CHEERSTO2019 and get a 10% bonus on top of your next deposit.

The voucher code CHEERSTO2019 will be valid until January 31st, 2019. It can only be used once per advertiser, so make the deposit count!

The 10% bonus will give you a bit more wiggle room to split test new offers and scale them to profitability faster. Start your media buying for 2019 off on the right track with 10% extra the next time you deposit funds into your PlugRush account.


In case you need more guidance on how to deposit funds, please read our guide about this topic here.

Pro Tip: Use your bonus money to buy push traffic!

We launched Push Notification Ads this week for advertisers and this ad-format is like magic for generating conversions. You get direct access to the person with your advertising message sent directly to the home screen of their phone or desktop operating system (i.e. Windows 10).

Learn all about how to start making some ad campaigns for push notification traffic in our guide here.

Publisher Bonus: Activate Push Notification Ads and we’ll bump your payout by 10% for all of January 2019!

There is no limitation on this. Any new or existing publisher can participate with newly registered or existing websites (mainstream and adult sites are eligible).

You don’t have to sign up to participate in this promo. Just enable Push Notification Ads on your sites in December 2018 or January 2019 and you’ll get a 10% earnings bump in January as a result.

Note: Funds from this promo period will be added to your account balance in February.


You can learn how to enable Push Notification Ads on your sites in our guide HERE.

Pro Tip: If you’re an advertiser, you can also take advantage of the 10% publisher bonus. Here is how!

Even if you don’t own any sites, you might have a domain or three that you use to make landing pages, right? Register those domains in PlugRush as websites, and enable Push Notification Ads on them as described HERE.

After that, make sure the Main Ad Code from PlugRush is on all your landing pages you use to promote offers. Then just buy traffic as you normally would and collect subscribers at the same time. They’ll earn you extra income with every click they generate!

You can additionally create some landing pages to exclusively promote our push notifications as well of course. In that case, you should get creative with cool layouts that encourage people coming to your landing page to hit that ‘Allow’ button for push.



Want more passive long-term income? Use your referral link to invite your friends to join PlugRush this holiday season!

With the promo period going on right now, you have an excellent selling point to refer both webmasters (publishers) and media buyers (advertisers) to also use PlugRush. Tell them about this promo going on and have them sign up using your referral link.


Whether they spend or earn with PlugRush, you’ll get 5% of our lifetime revenue generated from advertisers and publishers you refer to us. It’ll be steady passive income for you, all the way through 2019 and beyond.

We have many users making $1k+/month extra off of the referral program, while basically doing no work themselves. One user even hit a $16k referral payout! Discover more about our referral program HERE.

Once again, Happy Holidays to all of you!