May Madness: 25% Cashback on Native Ad & Banner Campaigns

Start making more native ad and banner campaigns immediately. We’ll give you 25% of whatever you spend back! More details below.

Some people are feeling gloomy & sad with Coronablues during the COVID-19 pandemic, so we wanted to add some additional happiness into the lives of our beloved advertisers and publishers.

The best way to spread joy in a traffic network is by throwing money around like we’re mad men, so that’s the route we’re taking. 25% cashback benefits our advertisers directly because they get 25 percent of what they spend back at the end of the month.

But it also indirectly benefits the hard-working webmasters in our network, who spend their time making their websites amazing profit machines. More native ad and banner campaigns, because advertisers can spend 25% more and get it back, will benefit them greatly by increasing demand.

How the 25% May Madness Cashback Works

The steps could not be any easier to follow. Here they are:

  1. The only thing you need to do: Create new native ad and/or banner campaigns to buy high quality clicked traffic from our publishers websites.
  2. Get 25% of whatever you spend on newly created native ad and banner campaigns by the end of May back to your account balance automatically. The 25% cashback will be added to your PlugRush account balance at the beginning of June.

Helpful Resources to Get You Started

  • How to Create Campaigns: If you’ve never made a campaign at PlugRush, this is a must-read guide for you. Some veterans of campaign creation may also learn a thing or two.
  • How to Mass-Upload Creatives: This is a useful guide that outlines how to use our creative upload tool and get the most out of it by mass-uploading creatives.
  • How to Make Deposits: You can deposit funds at PlugRush with credit card, bank wire transfer, PayPal or Paxum. Learn how to do that in this guide.
  • How to Optimize Campaigns: Get the most out of your newly created native ad and banner campaigns by knowing how to properly optimize them. Tip: If you can set up conversion tracking via postback URL, then using Automated Rules is a no-brainer to use for auto-optimization.

Ready to get 25% cashback on your new native ad and banner campaigns for the rest of May? Go create a campaign!