? Increase Push Ad Performance: Use Emojis or Emoticons

Discover how important emojis are when writing ad copy. Using emoticons is a simple way to boost CTR and conversion rates.

What I’ll cover in this post:

  • The importance of using emojis in your ad copy for push notification ads
  • How to utilize the power of emojis properly for your push advertisements
  • A word of caution about how not to use emojis with your push ads

We’ve been in the push ads game for a little over two months now, and we’re starting to see some patterns when it comes to which pushes get the most clicks and convert best for our advertisers.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll cover these small (but very important) nuances in ad copy that really works compared to ad copy that achieves sub-par performance for push notifications.

If you’re unaware what push notification ads are, why they’re the hottest ad format out right now, and how to begin buying push taffic at PlugRush, you should read our Push Guide for Advertisers first.

The Importance of Using Emojis with Your Push Ad Copy

When you take a look at push ads that perform wonderfully, it’s quite fascinating to see how simple & effective high quality ad copy can be. It’s no wonder advertising experts are always working hard to make their work look easy, when it’s really anything but. It’s why they get paid the big bucks! ?

More is not always better, keeping it straightforward and to the point can be a big benefit, and emojis are often much better at conveying and triggering human emotions than a line of text.

They can help shorten your ad copy, while making it more effective at the same time. This is an important quality of emojis for push ads, because your space there is limited and you need to drive home what your advertisement is about in a manner that gets the end user involved.

How to Use Emojis with Push Ads

While it’s possible to use emoticons in a variety of ways, some that we’ve seen be successful have been:

  • Replacing the ending punctuation of a sentence with an emoji. F.ex. if you’re promoting a dating offer, it could be a heart emoji ? that will wrap things up and convey what your ad is about more than any text ever could.
  • Emphasizing what your ad message is about can also occur at the start of your ad copy, by placing f.ex. a money bag emoji ? at the beginning of your push ad title when you’re promoting a finance offer. For sweepstakes, it could be a gift box emoticon instead. These are just examples and you should get creative here.
  • Raising brand awareness can also be accomplished with emojis; if you find one that is similar to your brand logo, you should definitely try it out when writing your advertisement’s text.

Example of Good Emoji Usage: Let’s say you’re promoting a dating offer, then it would make sense to use a heart emoji in your ad copy, like so…


A Word of Caution: Don’t Overdo It with the Emojis

While using emojis in your ad copy for push advertisements can be a great & powerful tool in your arsenal of marketing weapons, it’s important to approach them with some caution too.

In most cases, using an emoji or two may help, but using too many of them or inappropriate ones can also damage the effectiveness of your push ad. For example, if you’re promoting a serious business like a law firm and cover your ad copy in various smilies and heart emoticons to make things look more flashy, not only does that not make any sense… it’s also detrimental to what your advertising goal should be.

Example of Bad Emoji Usage: If you want to sell a laptop to users and your ad copy looks like the screencap below, your push campaign is doomed to fail.


Don’t Forget to Split-Test!

It’s also not a great idea to use only ad copy that includes emojis in a single campaign. When you do that, it means you aren’t taking advantage of the powerful tool that is split-testing. So, every push campaign that has creatives with emojis in their ad copy should also have some without. This way you test if:

  1. Users you’re trying to get interested in your product actually respond well to emojis and click on advertisements more due to them. And also…
  2. If the users that click your emoji push ads actually convert at a more rapid rate than the ones who click on push ads without emojis. Remember, your push ad campaign’s CTR is important, but so is generating actual conversions from the clicks you’re buying… because you’ll pay for the traffic on a CPC basis at PlugRush.

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