User Interface Updates to Make Your Life Easier

Some platform changes you should be aware of that our developers pushed live late last week to improve usability and efficiency.

Our developers care what you think.

They care so much that they themselves added a feedback button to the user interface of PlugRush, which you can click any time to suggest new features or improvements they should make.


This feedback is sent to a channel all of our hard-working developers in Norway have access to and then they begin discussing what you’ve suggested.

Note: Our developers read and take all the feedback you provide very seriously, but they won’t have time to respond to it. They’re too busy programming and designing. If you have something on your mind that you’d like a response to, please always use the ‘Support’ button in the bottom left of the user interface’s left sidebar.

Based on feedback, our devs make changes.

Your feedback helps us decide what to prioritize in development. After assessing the opinions of our users, we come up with a plan on what to create or improve next.

System upgrades and changes are pushed live by our programmers in Norway all the time, but sometimes important ones that improve the usability and efficiency of our platform go live. And we want to do a better job of informing you about this.

With the above in mind, here are the most recent changes to the user interface that will make your experience with PlugRush even better!

You can now change CPC bids faster

It’s now possible to change CPC bids for campaigns right from the campaign overview. You no longer need to access the campaign editor to make this change.

When you enter your next bid war with your competitors, it’ll be a breeze to change your bids very quickly!

Ability to save campaign targeting selections

When you make targeting selections for ad campaigns, you can now save those selections to re-use them again later for future campaigns. This can save a lot of time, if you split test like you should. ?


New & improved price list for advertisers

We also have a new price list available, which gives you information about average CPC bids, top CPC bids, and amount of daily sold clicks for a given ad format and country combination. That makes it way easier to choose a bid to start a campaign with!

Keep leaving feedback!

We love when you tell us what to do. ? So please keep leaving feedback for our developers on a regular basis. They appreciate it very much and will keep your suggestions in mind as they continue to improve our platform’s capabilities and user-friendliness.