Push Ads Guide for Media Buyers Hosting Their Own Landing Pages

Because our push ads pay on CPC, and not per subscriber, it’s possible to use them to generate long-term passive income with the landing pages you host as a media buyer.

If you’re looking to increase the amount of money you can generate over a long period of time from the landing pages you host yourself as a media buyer, you should continue to read this very important guide.

Crucial: We pay on CPC, not the inferior per subscriber payout model, on push traffic

What does that mean for you as a media buyer with your own landing pages? It means you can function as a webmaster per se in our traffic network, and collect push subscribers that we will monetize for you on a per ad click basis for as long as they stay subscribed.

Another network might pay you pennies per subscriber, while we’ll pay you for all the clicks they generate through their lifetime as a push subscriber.

Push traffic achieves the highest CPC rates, even higher than banners

Because push notification ads are an opt in and very non-intrusive ad format that is delivered very directly, the quality of this traffic is amazing (to say the least). We’re consistently selling directly to our advertisers at capacity, with demand greatly outweighing supply.

CPC rates on push traffic regularly exceed $0.05 per click (meaning $50+ per 1,000 clicks generated from push subscribers), so it’s certainly a pie worth getting a piece of.

We make sure your push subscribers stay long-term and continue to generate passive income for you

We don’t focus on just making a quick buck and we don’t want you to have to do that either. We’re looking to monetize push subscribers over the long term, while allowing you to share the profit generated by every single tap or click they make on an advertisement we send them.


We do not bombard push subscribers with push ads. We very gradually begin to send them advertisements through this non-intrusive ad-format they’ve opted into on your landing pages by becoming subscribers after hitting the ‘Allow’ button.

This ensures the longevity of your push subscriber base and sets you up for passive income from a non-intrusive ad-format you can implement as a secondary advertisement on any landing page.

How do I start setting up the landing pages I host to collect push subscribers?

The process is very simple and essentially identical to how you’d set up push notification ads as a publisher.

1. Register the domains you use for landing pages as websites HERE.

2. Implement the PHP AdBlock Safe Main Ad Code on your domains.

This verifies your landing page domains in our system and also makes it possible to show push notification prompts on your landing pages.

Instructions are provided after you register your landing page domain as a website or by clicking the red ‘action required’ icon for the registered domain on the websites overview. It’s a very simple two step process.


If you need more info, you can learn more about how to implement the Main Ad Code HERE.

3. Make sure you leave the provided PHP file for the Main Ad Code uploaded to your server.

It’s needed to make push notification prompts function on your individual landing pages that you’ll create under that domain.

4. Add the script tag you used when implementing the Main Ad Code inbetween the <head> and </head> tags of all your landing pages.

This will enable the push notification prompt that allows users to subscribe. Here is an example of how it would look on a website.


5. Make sure Push Ads are turned on for all your landing page domains registered at PlugRush.

And turn off all other ad format toggles available, unless you’d also like to use them on your landing pages.


Pro Tip: You can use push notifications on any landing pages, but you can also make them your primary focus

Just follow the steps outlined above and you’re good to go with implementing push advertisements on any landers you might be running.

If you want to focus primarily on getting subscribers for push, you should get a bit more creative with your landing pages. It makes a ton of sense to do that, because the collection of push subscribers that we’ll monetize on a per click basis for you is a very lucrative long-term strategy for passive income as a media buyer.

Here are some cool examples to give you ideas on how to encourage the visitors coming to your lander to hit that ‘Allow’ button and subscribe. We’re sure you can think of some that are even better!


Thank you for reading!

We hope this guide has been informative for you media buyers hosting your own landing pages. We’re sure it will help you earn more. If you have any questions, please check our other guides or contact our support team.