Main Ad Code Guide

At PlugRush, the Main Ad Code is essentially the brain behind all other ad-formats, for them to function properly and safe from AdBlock on your site.

How to use PlugRush’s Main Ad Code

Our main ad code is the driving force behind all of our ad formats available at PlugRush. It’s a powerful combination of PHP and JavaScript code we developed in-house, which allows our various ad formats to function properly on your website. At the same time, it’s also used to verify that you own the website you’ve chosen to register. You could say it’s where the magic happens.

The purpose of the Main Ad Code has always been to make the process of implementing our ads on your website easy and to not require extra codes to be inserted when they are not needed. Once you’ve added the Main Ad Code on your website, the only time you’ll need another piece of code is when you’d like to place a banner ad in a specific spot on your website.

main ad code

You will be able to toggle on / off all other ad formats we provide from the websites index. I.e. if you have 20 registered websites where you want to turn on desktop pops right now, that’s just a few clicks away for you because you already implemented our Main Ad Code on your websites.

Which ad formats are controlled by the Main Ad Code?

The short answer: All of them.

The long answer: Push ads, pops, IM ads, banners, and Real NativeAds. You must use our Main Ad Code in order for our ad formats to function on your website.

How can I use the Main Ad Code?

After you register a website in PlugRush, you’ll be given two ways to implement our Main Ad Code.

AdBlock Safe (Recommended) – This requires you to download our Main Ad Code as a PHP file we provide, which you then must upload to the root of your website via FTP. (Helpful hint: Generally the root directory of your website will be the public_html directory.)

After that, simply insert the script tag we provide you with between the <head> and </head> tags of your website’s HTML code.

Not AdBlock Safe – You should only use this, if you’re unable to upload our provided PHP file into the root of your website for some reason. This version of the Main Ad Code is not AdBlock safe and only requires you to add a script tag we provide between the <head> and </head> tags of your website’s HTML code.


Why do we encourage you to go AdBlock safe with our Main Ad Code?

AdBlock usage, according to some reports, is increasing by at least 30% each year and many of your visitors may already have this browser add-on installed. Those visitors could be blocking the ads you want to show them on your website. If you’d like to monetize AdBlock users, you should definitely choose our recommended AdBlock safe variety of the Main Ad Code.

Using WordPress? Please read this.

If you’re implementing our Main Ad Code on a WordPress website, you should take the following steps to implement our Main Ad Code.

  1. To start, please go to your websites overview and click the red ‘Action required’ icon for your site. This will pop up instructions for implementing our Main Ad Code.
  2. Upload the provided PHP file to the root directory of your website. You can do that via FTP or in cPanel with the File Manager utility. It should be uploaded into the public_html directory for most server setups. In some cases, if you have multiple sites on the same server, you may need to upload it into a specific sub-directory for the specific website in the public_html directory.
  3. After uploading the file, you should put the provided script tag between the <head> and </head> tags of your site’s HTML code. For WordPress, this is generally in the header.php file of the theme you’re using.
  4. Don’t forget to clear your WordPress cache. Where to do this will vary depending on the cache plugin you may be using.

Read our Publisher Guide

If you would like some more help getting started as a publisher with PlugRush, you should definitely read our full Publisher Guide. It will explain everything from registering your website to implementing our ad codes on it, including explanations about all of the ad formats we have to offer.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you in using our Main Ad Code. If anything is still unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact our live support team.