Valentine’s Day is Coming

V-Day is coming and your competition isn’t waiting on you to make your moves. It’s time to prepare. Get your Valentine’s Day campaigns ready and on point now. Your pockets will already be filled by February 14th. 💰💚

Whether your game plan involves inpage push, regular push notification ads, banners, native ads, or pop campaigns doesn’t matter. PlugRush has you covered. Check our inventory & prices and then move right along to setting up your dating campaigns.

The following guides will help you get started!

How to make deposits: Just in case you don’t know how to fund your PlugRush account to buy traffic.

How to create campaigns: A guide that teaches you the ins and outs of campaign creation.

How to optimize campaigns: Use our pro recommendations to get your campaigns set up for optimal results right from the start.

Prepare yourself for the hottest part of the year for dating offers. The week leading up to Valentine’s Day is it!

Don’t forget to grab your 14% Valentine’s Day BONUS!

To give you a head start, we’re giving you a 14% bonus. That way your campaigns will be even more profitable! Use voucher code VDAY2021 to get the 14% V-Day bonus on your next deposit! It’ll work on any amount up to $1k of your next deposit, so a $140 bonus is possible. The code expires on February 15th, 2021.