Go Mainstream with Us on July 2nd

On July 2nd, we’ll turn into your new favorite mainstream ad network. We’ll continue to sell adult traffic as well, but mainstream traffic will be a new option to choose from!

Whether you have mainstream traffic to sell or want to buy it, PlugRush is going to be your absolute favorite ad network starting on July 2nd, 2018. We’re finally going mainstream and are more than ready to shake the non-adult part of the market up.

You can start preparing now!

  • Advertisers now have the option to create campaigns targeting mainstream traffic only. These will be able to receive traffic from July 2nd, 2018.
  • Publishers also have the option to register mainstream websites now. Ad codes should then be placed by July 2nd, 2018, when our advertisers will begin purchasing mainstream traffic.

Publishers will earn 100% through July

Through the entire month of July, we won’t be taking a cut from traffic sold to us by mainstream publishers from their non-adult websites. That means you’ll get 100% of what your website(s) traffic generates. Get ready to make it rain!

Are you ready to join us?!

Do you have some mainstream websites? Or do you want to buy traffic from non-adult websites? Then you better start preparing to plunge into the non-adult sector with us. The competition won’t be waiting on you, so definitely make sure you’ve got your mainstream campaigns set up and mainstream websites registered by July 2nd, 2018.

Thank you so much for reading! We wanted to keep this short and sweet, but feel free to hit up our excellent support team at any time in case you have questions.