Competitive CPC bids: For media buyers & webmasters

Both media buyers looking to buy traffic and also webmasters looking to sell their traffic can benefit from knowing what a competitive CPC bid is in our network. Here we provide facts and figures on them, including the most recent rates for the highly coveted push traffic we now have available.

When you're buying traffic, it's good to know which Cost Per Click (CPC) bid will allow you to compete with other media buyers in our traffic network.

And for webmasters that run their own websites, it can be a true blessing to know which countries and ad formats to focus their efforts on more.

What I'll cover in this post:

Push traffic is killing it (BIG opportunity for site owners)

Whenever I check up on push traffic numbers, I'm excited to see that the average CPC bids continue to rise form day to day. Our supply is growing for push notification ads, but it's still nowhere near what our advertisers would like to be buying.

The demand for this ad format heavily outweighs supply, so it's a goldmine for publishers with their own websites and also media buyers that host their own landing pages. We expect push to continue to skyrocket throughout 2019, so hop on for the ride to massive profits from a truly unique way to advertise.

Competitive CPC bids for push traffic on the best-performing countries

Banner traffic is still highly coveted, although it cannot match push

For the longest time, banners were king when it came to buying great display ad traffic. This is history with push ads in the mix, but they're still a great format to include in your advertising strategy. And the clicks cost less than those from push ads!

Competitive CPC bids for banner traffic on the top GEOs

Native ads are a great low-cost alternative when buying clicked traffic

As you can see by the CPC rates for push and banners, it's not the cheapest traffic around (although the quality is wonderful). If you're looking to buy clicked traffic and have something to promote that goes well with native ads (f.ex. webcams), then it's a no brainer to set up some campaigns for natives and split test them against your banner and push ad campaigns.

Competitive CPC bids for native ads traffic on the most in-demand countries

Pops... when you need a lot of volume

If you need a high amount of traffic volume, then pops will continue to be your go to ad format. It's not clicked traffic from display ads (so overall the quality won't match banners, natives and push), but it's inexpensive to buy a lot of pop visitors; and if you know how to optimize and use Automated Rules, it can still produce amazing profit margins.

Competitive CPC bids for pop traffic on the best-performing GEOs

Pro tip: If you're buying mobile traffic, bid higher.

Across the board, we see mobile traffic outperform desktop traffic at this point. It's important that you add a bit on top of your bid when targeting a mobile traffic type, otherwise your competitors are very likely to beat you. Especially when advertisers buy push traffic we're seeing fierce competition on the mobile side.

Wrap Up / Conclusion

From this data I've shared, we can conclude that most of the competition right now is happening on display ad formats (push, banners and natives). This comes as no surprise, as a click-based format generally will drive sales better than pops.

The key benefit of high volumes being available on pop traffic, and the fact that it's quite inexpensive, still make it a very good choice for many media buyers. Especially those that are able to automate the basic optimization process of campaigns using conversion tracking combined with PlugRush's proprietary Automated Rules system.

You've read enough now, go CREATE A CAMPAIGN!