Traffic Buying Guide for Media Buyers (Updated Weekly)

As a media buyer, you will benefit knowing recommended CPC bids. Also crucially important is to know where there are opportunities to buy traffic with little competition.

If you’re a webmaster running websites, you should read our Traffic Selling Guide instead HERE.

Any media buyer worth her or his salt will continuously look for the best angles in traffic monetization. It’s important to know how you can be competitive with your CPC bids at PlugRush.

And, possibly even more crucial, you probably want to know where you can buy some traffic without having to be so competitive.

The PlugRush Price List Provides Guidance for Media Buyers

Our developers designed the price list to display the most important metrics for the ad formats we have available. In the price list, you will find:

  • The average amount of sold traffic per day for the various advertisement types at PlugRush broken down by mobile / desktop, and GEO. Important note: We can always tap into more traffic, provided your CPC bid is competitive.
  • The minimum, average and top CPC bid for a given country and ad format combo on mobile / desktop.

How to Use the Price List

The price list tells you where we sell the most and the least traffic each day. If an ad format + country combination has a low amount of sold traffic, that doesn’t always mean there is a low amount of traffic available for it. It can also mean that there is just not a lot of demand at an appropriate CPC bid for this traffic from our current advertisers.

If you have an offer that you’d like to promote for a given GEO and ad format, you should look it up in the price list (using the search function) and aim to bid a little bit higher than the average CPC bid to start off. Once your campaign is optimized, increase your CPC bid in order to scale it and crush your competition.

Discover the PlugRush Price List HERE