How To Make Money From Your Website Visitors

Discover how you can generate income from your website visitors using strategically placed advertisements along the natural eye flow reading patterns when people view web content, i.e. your site.

This one is aimed at our publishers, or possibly advertisers & media buyers looking to get into the webmaster game. We’re going to reveal a couple of the most important things to consider when you think about monetizing your website visitors.

Make sure your website provides valuable content

Running a traffic network, we come across a lot of websites. The ones that are most successful in making a lot of money are also the ones that have the highest quality content. They give visitors value when they come to visit, often turning them into return visitors that you can even monetize more than once. This translates to higher income overall.

If you provide content of value to end users on your website, you’re a huge step ahead of most of your competition and well on your way to generating organic return visits that will pay off big. If you buy traffic and don’t generate it exclusively through organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills, then it’s even more important that you make the most out of your traffic purchases.

Be sure to create a website that provides a good user experience. This is also part of providing worth, because you don’t want visitors to come to your site and feel abused by too many ads or not enough high quality content. You’ll need ads to make money of course, but your primary focus in webmastering should be to provide end users what they’re looking for in a user-friendly manner… and then monetize them with strategically placed banner and native ads.

Take advantage of natural eye flow patterns

To make money off of your website’s visitors in the most efficient manner, you must consider the paths their eyes will take when viewing your site. It’s generally accepted that there are two common eye flow patterns: F and Z.

F-pattern for content-rich web pages

If you have a lot of written content on your website, f.ex. if you’re running a blog, then your visitors are most likely to view it in an F-pattern. That means they scan the top of the page first, then move down it vertically along the left side for sections of the page that interest them. If they hit a spot of interest, they move inward from left to right on the page, to read more about what they may find interesting.

Search engines also utilize the F pattern that is common when reading web content. Below is a quick example of this. After a search, most people will take a look at the top result on the search engine results page (SERP) and read it. Then, if they don’t click the first result, they will move down the page vertically to find a title that interests them.


The largest and most successful search engines are set up in a way to allow people to use the F pattern of reading that is naturally comfortable to them.

To take advantage of the F shaped eye flow pattern, you should have a banner advertisement at the top of your website for starters. A couple more ads could be placed into your content; if possible, in sections that you think visitors are most likely to stop vertically scanning the page to read more.

For a tube site, you should simply enable Real Native Ads and we’ll make sure some native ads are placed into the content area of your website to efficiently monetize it by means of the F-pattern.

Z-pattern for low content web pages

This one is for example relevant on individual video pages of a tube site, where there is one piece of primary content (the video being viewed). To do these pages right, you should strongly consider limiting the other content you add on this page. More is not better here.

Keep it brief, to the point, and most importantly don’t provide too much information that may take the visitor’s attention away from what you want them to focus on. In the example of a tube site’s video page, you’ll want the focus on the video and a banner advertisement next to it.

The Z pattern starts with the visitor looking at the top of the page, scanning the header from left to right, then moving down and to the left diagonally. This is where your video would be placed. To complete this natural eye flow pattern, their eyes will move to the right of the page. This would be the ideal spot to place a banner ad.

Below this, you could have a comment section to further encourage interaction of your end users (it makes them more likely to return to your site) or maybe display some related videos. But your primary focus on monetization here should be above the fold, with one or two banner ads preferably.

An example website that uses the mentioned Z pattern to its advantage is a little social media site you may have heard of called Facebook. Take a look at their signup page. It doesn’t have a lot of content, but the content it does have is strategically placed along the natural Z reading pattern for web pages without a lot of content overall.


Pro Tip: Use Push Notification Ads to take advantage of both eye flow patterns

Whether your web page triggers an eye flow in the shape of an F or a Z, a push notification prompt will be along the very start of the path for the visitor and give them something of interest to click. Plus, it gives you a way to monetize them in a non-intrusive way they’ve opted into, after they leave your site.


An added bonus of our Push Notification Ads is that the visitors will be reminded about your website whenever they’re served an ad through the push notification system, so they’ll always have your website on their mind. It’s a no-brainer.


Discover more about the very powerful Push Notification Ads ad-format here. We’re one of the only networks that let you monetize your collected subscribers on a per click basis, which gives you the unique opportunity to have residual income over time from visitors that may not even be visiting your website anymore. Sounds pretty cool, right? Because it is!

Thank you for reading!

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read this blog post about how to make money from your website visitors. We hope you take away some new ideas from this to implement on the websites you run as a webmaster. Remember to register all your websites with us at PlugRush, mainstream & adult sites are welcome, so we can help you monetize them properly!