?Blind Traffic is Better Than a Blind Date ?

If you aren’t buying blind native ad traffic, you’re missing out on valuable clicked traffic that can be had for a bargain. What is blind traffic and why is it better than a blind date?!

Going on a blind date can be exciting. Meeting someone for the first time without really knowing anything about them and just going with the flow to see if things “click”.

An uncertain feeling that is difficult to match in any other life situation. Some may dread blind dates, because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Blind clicked traffic from PlugRush sent through native ads, on the other hand, is much different. You don’t have to dread buying traffic this way at all. It’s a very easy way to purchase clicked traffic at a bargain price.

What is Native Ads Blind Traffic?

As you probably know, native ads are display advertisement units inserted into the content of websites. It’s highly-coveted traffic because it comes from visitors as they’re engaged with content on a website and find the advertisement’s ad image or ad copy interesting.

Blind traffic from native ads is this kind of clicked traffic also. The only difference is that a random native ad is displayed instead of one you’ve had to take time to specifically create.

When a publisher has a native ads adzone on their site and we aren’t able to fill this with pure native ad inventory, we’ll display some native ads we know perform well and those will send to blind campaigns when they’re clicked on.

Blind traffic is awesome for promoting general sites (f.ex. paysites, sweepstakes offers, or dating sites) that can cater to a broad audience. It gives you an audience of visitors that have clicked an ad, often at a much lower cost than a regular native ad click.

The Key Advantages of Blind Traffic

There are some key benefits to using blind traffic campaigns. Here is a quick outline of them.

  • It’s clicked traffic at a bargain price!
  • You don’t have to upload any creatives.
  • It can be a mix of mobile and desktop traffic in one campaign. You can narrow down which part(s) you want to buy with operating system (OS) and browser targeting.
  • All you need is a URL you want to send clicked traffic to.
  • Did I mention it’s extremely fast to set up?

How Can I Buy Native Ads Blind Traffic?

Unlike traditional native ads, you don’t even have to upload any creatives to buy blind traffic from our publishers.


All you need is a URL you want to send traffic to and you’re ready to go create a blind traffic campaign.

Need more guidance with creating a campaign. Read our campaign guide HERE. Wanna learn about basic campaign optimization? Read THIS.