Top Volume Countries and Competitive CPC Rates For Push Traffic

Learn which countries we currently sell the most push traffic from and which CPC bid will be competitive to buy some for yourself as well. A must-read for any media buyer.

In our continuous effort to share more data about traffic we have available and how to compete for it against other advertisers and media buyers, we wanted to take this opportunity to share which countries are sending us the highest volumes of traffic from push notification ads.

Push is currently the hottest and fastest growing ad format

The reasons for this are very clear. With a push ad, you have the most direct access to end users with your advertisements. Ads are sent directly to the home screens of smartphones or message centers of desktop computers.

Other ad formats depend on the user engaging with them on a particular web page, while push ads are able to bypass this critical hurdle and grab the end user's attention in a very personal way.

In 2019, push notifications need to be part of your marketing strategy or you will miss out on traffic from the highest converting ad type there is right now.

Top 20 countries by push traffic volume & competitive CPC rates for them

The following list gives you details about the top GEOs (by traffic volume) where push traffic is sold from our publishers to our advertisers within our traffic network.

In order to compete against others, you should place a CPC bid as recommended here or higher.

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