Optimize Your Campaigns with Blacklist and Whitelists

Learn how to optimize your ad campaigns with PlugRush using blacklists and whitelists in order to buy only the best traffic.

If you buy a lot of traffic, your biggest challenge is separating the traffic that creates sales from the traffic that just drains your marketing budget. While traffic sellers typically offer basic tools to help you target your traffic, sometimes you need a more efficient way to let the good customers in and keep the freeloaders out. To help our customers run optimal and successful campaigns, PlugRush has now added Whitelist and Blacklist tools for all our advertisers.

PlugRush traffic comes from a lot of different sources and each source works differently for each campaign and its landingpage. When you see a traffic source that does not convert well, you can blacklist that source to prevent wasting your budget. Conversely, when you see a traffic source that works especially well, you can whitelist that source. Think of your campaign like running a night club for example; you don’t want to let in the drunk people who are already hammered and won’t buy your drinks, so you need a bouncer for that. Well, we are your bouncer and you control the guest list. We make sure your intended guests get in and the undesirables stay outside.

In our continuous quest to give our customers the best information possible when analyzing their traffic quality, we recommend 3rd party tools like Voluum which is more powerful and sophisticated than standard tools like Google Analytics. The better an advertiser understands the traffic, the easier it is to use our Whitelists/Blacklists effectively. In addition to using the lists for websites, you can also use these lists to control IP addresses or even a full range of IP addresses. This approach is particularly useful for advanced customers looking to target specific mobile carriers.

Many of our advertisers have their own list of IP addresses for different mobile operators. Customers can now build lists for specific carriers, for example for Vodafone in Spain. This makes it possible to build a very specific campaign that targets just that one specific segment that you’re after.

To learn more about PlugRush targeting tools, please register an account and check it out for yourself. If you are a customer and want to learn more, contact us through our Support Center.