Why am I seeing discrepancies on mobile carrier targeting?

    Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee 100% accuracy with mobile carrier targeting. While we do our absolute best to match up with the most popular affiliate programs and competing ad networks to make our carrier targeting feature as exact as possible, we cannot assure absolute accuracy.

    Mobile operator targeting depends on an ever-changing, complex system that is continuously updating. F.ex. while we may identify a user as coming from one ISP or carrier with the help of our carrier database aggregation, this may not be how that visitor is identified by every other affiliate program and ad network, depending on the carrier database(s) they utilize. On occasion, this may lead to mismatches.

    Alternatively to our built-in mobile carrier targeting inside the campaign editor, you may choose to create an IP range whitelist under buy traffic –> >filter traffic in order to target carriers with specific IP ranges that you designate. This will potentially allow for 100% accuracy.