Can I create a whitelist or blacklist?

    We have an advanced blacklist and whitelist system that you can use to filter out or in websites on your campaign(s). The lists can also include IPs or IP-ranges. So you can mix this any way you want. The lists are separate from campaigns, but you can apply each list to as many campaigns as you want.

    As an example, if you create blacklist1whitelist1 and whitelistIPs1, and you create campaigns1 – 3, you can apply whitelistIPs1 to all campaigns (1-3), but only apply blacklist1 to campaign1 and whitelist1 to campaign2.

    This essentially enables you to manage your list(s) once, but changes will apply to all the campaigns you’ve applied them to.

    Creating and managing whitelists and blacklistst can be done under filter traffic in the advertiser menu.