How can I verify my website?

    After registering your site, you will be given the main ad code which we require that your implement on your site in order to verify it. There are two ways to do this, with two different methods. The first and recommended implementation is php based, and require that your download the php file given, and upload this to the root of your website. Then you need to place a script tag also given in the head tag of your website. The second implementation method is a javascript based, which you implement by grabing the script tag given and placing this in the head tag of your website. Once you have implemented one of these options, you can go to the website overview, and click the reload icon (next to the action required message) and our servers will communicate with your server and validate the website.

    In addition to verifying the site, the main ad code also controls several other ad formats like pops and Real native ads, which you can easily control by switching them on and off from the website overview.

    If you have any problems doing this pleaseĀ contact our live support.