Do you have tracking parameters or tokens?

    When you buy traffic from PlugRush, there are a few parameters you can put in the URL that will be replaced by actual data by us before the visitor is sent to your campaign. Below is a list of available parameters you can use when buying traffic.

    • {$source_id} – a unique ID of the Subsource your visitor came from; more info
    • {$browser} – the web browser of the visitor
    • {$campaign_id} – the unique ID of your campaign
    • {$cc} – two letter country code of the visitor
    • {$click_id} – click_id used for conversion tracking; more info
    • {$cpv} – the cost per visitor
    • {$domain_id} – a unique ID of the domain registered by the publisher
    • {$orientation} – the orientation of the source/website
    • {$os} – the operating system of the visitor
    • {$creative_id} – the id of the creative (i.e. push ad, native ad or banner) used

    Example URL:{$source_id}&country_code={$cc}