Webmasters, Activate Push Ads! Demand is Sky-Rocketing! ?

Demand for push notification traffic from our advertisers has increased drastically. If you own a website, you need to enable our push ads on it!

In the last couple days, we’ve noticed a large influx of advertisers in our network at PlugRush looking to purchase substantial amounts of push notification traffic. The demand at this point outweighs what we’re able to supply from the existing push subscriber base collected by our publishers.

If you’re a webmaster and haven’t done so already, now would be the time to enable push ads on your sites.

A few key benefits about using push ads from PlugRush on your sites:

  • They have no impact on load times, site speed, bounce rate
  • Clicks from push ads are worth the most to advertisers. They’ll get you better per click rates than even banners can! The average CPC for push is $0.02 ($20 per 1k clicks) on worldwide traffic, with some GEOs like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway and Finland currently exceeding double that (over $40 per 1k clicks). ???
  • They are compatible with your existing marketing strategy, as push subscribers are monetized directly and take nothing away from other ad formats you show on your sites.
  • Google likes push: You can read more about that here.
  • We at PlugRush send push ads to push subscribers very conservatively. This makes the traffic quality better, doesn’t annoy end users, and retains subscribers for you as the website owner. That way you can make money long-term from a single subscriber. Even after 14+ days, we manage to retain over 70% of push subscribers collected and continue to monetize them for our publishers.
  • You get paid for every single ad click generated during the lifetimes of the push subscribers you collect. It’s a way to have passive income and monetize a single visitor multiple times.

Ready to get earning extra cash with push ads? Discover how to enable them on your sites HERE