? Thank You for Enabling Push Ads, Webmasters

We would like to thank all the PlugRush publishers that have enabled push notification ads on their sites. Please keep going!

Recently, we have seen a large influx of demand for traffic from push notifications from our advertisers and we really want to sell them the most amount of high quality push traffic that we possibly can. To help satisfy their high demand for this particular traffic type, we put the word out that we need more push subscribers. And the response from our wonderful publishers has been great so far.

To The Website Owners That Have Enabled Push Ads: THANK YOU! ?

Quite a few webmasters have responded by enabling push ads on their sites and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all. We truly appreciate that you’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule to add this new great ad format to your arsenal of money-making tools.

As we monetize push subscribers long-term and they don’t even have to be browsing your site anymore to get these ads delivered to their phones and computers directly, it’s the ad format to make some passive income with. We pay you for every ad click your push subscribers generate.

Advertisers ❤ Push Traffic

Our advertisers love this traffic and are willing to pay a premium for it, so demand continues to outweigh supply. In media buying, it’s very important to really pull the trigger on high-converting traffic and visitors sent from push notifications are truly that.

It’s no wonder that demand is increasing for this ad format by the day and that our publishers are having trouble keeping up with providing enough push subscribers to feed the beast.

Double Check Push Ads Are Enabled on All of Your Websites

If you’ve still got some websites where you haven’t enabled push ads yet, you’re leaving money on the table that you should be piling into your bank account. ? It’s very easy to enable this ad format. Discover more HERE.