Case Study: All Publishers Benefit from Passive Push Traffic Income

We pride ourselves on being an open traffic network, accessible and beneficial even for newer publishers who may just be starting their websites. Push traffic can be a nice source of additional income for anyone.

Push notifications are a wonderful new way to make money with your websites as a webmaster, even when visitors have already left your site. The push notification prompt doesn’t take up any real estate on your site, so you can still use banners and native ads without any issues to have direct income from your sites.

Even if you’re just starting to monetize your websites with some advertisements, you shouldn’t shy away from using push traffic to boost your income. It’s an ad format that can monetize visitors, even after they have already left your site. And that’s a game-changer.

In this blog post, we primarily wanted to share an example of a smaller publisher that implemented push notifications from PlugRush and is now generating passive income from this.

We monetize your push subscribers conservatively. This improves subscriber retention and makes you more money long-term.

When you collect push subscribers on your sites, we send them 1-2 push ads per day. This means they are less likely to unsubscribe, because it’s not an annoying amount of push ads being sent.

Over 80% stay subscribed on average, even after two weeks of subscription. That means we can continue to monetize them for you. Eventually, over the long run, most subscribers will end up getting at least one ad sent to them that they will be interested in and click on. And those clicks make you money. All of them.

A small publisher collected less than 15k subscribers, here are his stats!

This guy isn’t a big publisher and he only has one website, but he decided to turn on push ads on his site and began collecting push subscribers a couple months ago. A smart move! Now the results are in.


Over the past two months, his 15k subscribers have generated over 3k ad clicks to earn him more than $80 so far. And he will continue to earn from them, because we will keep sending them push ads each day. Per 1k push ad clicks, he’s currently earning over $24.

Let’s say he collects 30k total within the next two months. Even then, that’s not a lot of subscribers when you compare it to what large sites can collect, but it will likely double his passive income each month from what it is now. And that’s a big step in the right direction for any webmaster, especially a new one like you may be yourself.

Remember, all this webmaster did was enable push notifications on his one website a couple months ago. Find out how to do that HERE and begin to profit from this great ad format.